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ALPHA-PPS Portable Vacuum Pump Station

ALPHA-PPS Portable Vacuum Pump Station
  • High performance at an economical price 
  • Pumping station for all ORTEC alpha spectrometers 
  • Adaptable to other manufacturer's alpha modules 
  • Interfaces with multiport manifolds 
  • Adaptable to 807 or 808 Vacuum Chambers 
  • Pump selectable for 115 and 230 volts 
  • Cart-mounted, for flexibility 
  • Fold-down handle for convenient storage 
  • User selectable for fast/slow pumping 
  • Three gas ballasting modes 
  • Oil anti-suckback valve 
  • Capacity to pump down two cabinets of spectrometers 
  • Anti-backstreaming oil trap 
  • New exhaust mist eliminator 
  • Vacuum gauge and thermocouple 
  • No assembly required
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    The Portable Pump Station (PPS) from ORTEC provides a convenient mechanical vacuum pump, Edwards Model RV8, for evacuating detector chambers of many types. This two-stage, rotary-drive pump is fan-cooled, with positive oil feed, wide oil level tolerance, oil anti-suckback device, and Viton seals. The pump may be configured for two pumping modes and three gas ballasting modes to match most requirements. The PPS is shipped completely assembled and filled with oil — ready to use.

    The PPS consists of a cart-mounted, rotary, direct-drive mechanical vacuum pump to which is attached an anti-backstreaming trap, a thermocouple vacuum gauge, and flexible tubing with appropriate termination for connecting to the Alpha Ensemble, Alpha Duo, and Alpha Aria Alpha Spectrometers, 576-VM multiport manifold, 807 or 808 Vacuum Chambers, or other vacuum chambers or manifolds. Appropriate versions are available for operation at 115 V/50 or 60 Hz and 230 V/50 or 60 Hz.
  • Specifications +

    The electric motor for the two-stage rotary vacuum pump has dual voltage windings that may be selected to accommodate voltages in the 115-V or 230-V range. The windings are designed to accommodate either 50- or 60-Hz frequencies. Input power requirements are:
    115–120 V/60 Hz — 7.2 A
    110 V/50 Hz — 7.8 A
    230–240 V/60 Hz — 3.6 A
    220–240 V/50 Hz — 4.0 A
    Measured at the Pump Inlet Flange
    60 Hz
    Displacement 6.7 ft3/min; 190 liters/min.

    62.6 kg (138 lb)
    Net 36.3 kg (80 lb)
  • Ordering Information +

    Model Description
    ALPHA-PPS-115 115-V Portable Pump Station
    ALPHA-PPS-230 230-V Portable Pump Station