• Health Physics - Radiation measurement systems for gamma and alpha spectroscopy
    Health Physics
  • Research and Education - ORTEC supports teaching laboratories across a wide range of disciplines
    Research and Education
  • Waste Assay - Assays systems for segreagation of waste streams of many types
    Waste Assay
  • Radiochemistry - Gamma and Alpha Spectroscopy Systems
  • Nuclear Security - High performance radiation detection and identification for nuclear security and safety
    Nuclear Security
  • Environmental - Systems for monitoring radioactvity on the air, water and soil
  • Safeguards - Instrumentation for nuclear material identification and treaty verification
    Nuclear Safeguards


ORTEC is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of ionizing radiation detectors, nuclear instrumentation, analysis software, and integrated systems. Our technologies, products, and services are instrumental in materials analysis for radioisotopic content. Key industry segments include nuclear power, nuclear security and materials safeguard, academia and research, environmental management, and health physics.




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