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Trade Shows

2022 Schedule

Date Trade Show Location
March 15 Security and Policing Farnborough, UK
March 22 NCT South America Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 30 Nuclear Industry China Beijing, China
April 3 MARC Kailua-Kona, HI
April 7 Florida HPS Hutchinson Island, FL
April 20 IOP Nuclear Physics Surrey, UK
May 2 ICRM Gran Sasso, Italy
May 9 NORM International Utrecht, Netherlands
May 18 Korean Nuclear Society Jeju, Korea
May 23 NCT Europe Munich, Germany
May 25 Korean Radioactive Waste Society Busan, Korea
June 7 CBRN Ft. Leonardwood, MO
June 9 IAFC Hazmat Baltimore, MD
June 14 SRP Llandudno, Wales
July 16 HPS Spokane, WA
July 26 NDIA CBRN Baltimore, MD
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