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ORTEC Model ISO-TURNTABLE for Radioactive Waste Drum Rotation
Most waste measurements are nonhomogeneous and measurement accuracy will be reduced if activity is not evenly distributed throughout the drum. Rotating the drum will make the item “appear” more homogeneous to the detector. When using Program Isotopic, the uncertainty in matrix attenuation will be reduced. Thus, the reported answers will reflect an overall measurement uncertainty improvement (reduction).

Forklifts or handtrucks are needed to safely position the drum on the center of the platform. The height of the platform above the floor is 10 inches. No additional electronic noise is introduced into the HPGe detector signal processing.

  • For 55 or 85 gallon drums
  • 30-inch diameter turntable
  • 30 x 30-inch support base
  • 1000 lbs (454 kg) weight capacity
  • 1 RPM rotation speed
  • Shipping Weight: 200 lb.
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    Model Description
    ISO-TURNTABLE-110 110 V, 60 Hz. Full Load Current 0.33 Amps.
    ISO-TURNTABLE-240 240 V, 50 Hz. Full Load Current 0.14 Amps
    Options (must be ordered with turntable)
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT1-2 Increase from 1 RPM to 2 RPM
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT1-3 Increase from 1 RPM to 3 RPM
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT2 Wireless On/Off
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT3 Power Cord Extension
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT4 Switch Cable Extension