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ISO-CART-II LN2 Mobile Assay Systems

ISO-CART-II systems may be configured with a wide variety of ORTEC liquid nitrogen cooled, HPGe radiation detectors from which relative efficiencies of over 200% are available. The portable HPGe radiation detector is mounted, along with the chosen collimator on the detector/collimator carrier or “DCC” which is easily removable from the cart as a unit.

If the radiation detector must be moved to a location where it is impractical to move the cart, the detector/collimator unit can be removed and carried.
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    Dewar Options
    A portable, all-attitude HPGe radiation detector is available with a 3.0-liter Gamma Gage dewar. A 7.0-liter multi-orientation dewar (MOD) is also available. The MOD dewar allows near all attitude use while offering reduced size compared to the equivalent holding time Gamma Gage model. Typically, the HPGe radiation detector chosen would be a large volume GEM (P-type) or GMX (N-type); however, a wide variety of radiation detector choices are available. Standard systems may be ordered by model number. Contact us to suggest a configuration according to your radiation detection limit and count-time requirements.

    digiDART™ Data Acquisition Hardware
    The digiDART is an ideal MCA for use with an in-situ assay system. It can acquire preliminary data in the field as a stand alone unit or perform a complete analysis on the spot with the use of a notebook computer.
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    To fully specify your choice of ISO-CART-II system, select the model number below for the size of detector needed and replace the letters DDD in the model number with the desired choice of dewar, as follows:  3.0 = 3.0-liter Gamma Gage dewar or M7L = 7.0-liter MOD dewar

    Other configurations may be supplied on request. Your existing detectors may be used. Contact your ORTEC representative or e-mail with your requirements.

    System Description: Complete ISO-CART-II system includes: pneumatic-tired CART, fitted with 5/8-inch copper-lined lead collimator, detector/collimator carrier (DCC), storage shelf, HPGe Detector with SMART-1 technology, bayonet pressure fill adapter, digiDART, ISOPLUS software and Laptop computer. System is integrated and tested and supplied with factory calibration.

    Model Description
    ISOCART-GEM25-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GEM25 detector
    ISOCART-GEM40-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GEM40 detector
    ISOCART-GEM60-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GEM60 detector
    ISOCART-GEM80-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GEM80 detector
    ISOCART-GEM100-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GEM100 detector
    ISOCART-GEM120-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GEM120 detector
    ISOCART-GMX25-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GMX25 detector
    ISOCART-GMX40-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GMX40 detector
    ISOCART-GMX60-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GMX60 detector
    ISOCART-GMX80-DDD ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System incorporating GMX80 detector
    SHD-2-SUB Substitute SHD-2 for SHD-1 in system
    SHD-3-SUB Substitute SHD-3 for SHD-1 in system
    System Options
    ISO-BACKSHIELD Removable backshield for PopTop detectors
    ISO-CART-II Cart Only. (Detector/Collimator Carrier (DCC) not included)
    ISO-DCC Detector/Collimator Carrier. Compatible with CFG-PG4-3, CFG-PMOD4-7, ISO-ADAPT, ISO-ADAPT-100, and ISO-ADAPT-MICRO.
    ISO-DCC-X Carrier for X-COOLER detector (Caution: ISO-CART-II should not be moved while X-COOLER is in use.)
    ISO-CAL Point-source calibration at the factory
    ISO-LASERMETER Laser Range Finder
    ISO-LSRMTR-ADAPT-1 Lasermeter adapter for SHD-1 shield
    ISO-LSRMTR-ADAPT-2 Lasermeter adapter for SHD-2 shield
    ISO-LSRMTR-ADAPT-3 Lasermeter adapter for SHD-3 shield
    ISO-DEWAR STD50L dewar, WD/50 withdrawal device, and TL-6 6-ft. transfer line
    ISO-SCALE Platform scale with indicator floor stand
    ISO-TURNTABLE-110 Turntable for drum rotation. Capacity = 445 kg (1000 lb). 110 V, 50 Hz.
    ISO-TURNTABLE-240 Turntable for drum rotation. Capacity = 445 kg (1000 lb). 240 V, 60 Hz.
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT1-2 Increase in turntable RPM from 1 RPM to 2 RPM
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT1-3 Increase in turntable RPM from 1 RPM to 3 RPM
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT2 Wireless On/Off via hand-held remote
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT3 Power Cord Extension from standard 6 ft. to a maximum of 75 ft.
    ISO-TURNTABLE-OPT4 Hardwired Switch Cable Extension up to 75 ft.
    ISO-CASE Transportation case for digiDART, laser meter, and laptop.
    ISO-BOX Airworthy “roll-in” system transportation box for complete ISO-CART-II (detector ships in its own crate), includes space for ISO-CASE.
    SHD-1 5/8-inch Lead Shield/Collimator, copper lined
    SHD-2 Tungsten Shield/Collimator
    SHD-3 Heavy Duty Lead Shield (1.8" thick) for high backgrounds