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ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System Cart

ISO-CART-II represents a generational advancement over previous models, with improvements in several areas:

  • Supports new and “legacy” spectrometry hardware
  • Lightweight materials used wherever feasible in the interests of maneuverability.
  • Adjustable front and rear track for extra stability even in tight spaces.
  • Easy assembled and disassembled for transportation.
  • Continuously and easily adjustable detector height and variable tilt adjustment. 
  • Unrestricted direct detector view of ground for soil assays.
  • New modular collimator system allows minimum weight configuration (ISO-CART-85).
  • Bottle counting option (ISO-CART-85)
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    ISO-CART-II Mobile NDA Systems are ideal solutions for a wide variety of in-situ gamma-ray measurement requirements. The specially designed cart hardware transport system carries all the components: HPGe detector, shield and collimator, multichannel analyzer system, and laptop computer. The ISO-CART-II is entirely compatible with the latest generation of ORTEC integrated spectroscopy hardware and with spectrometry hardware which has been used with previous generations of ISO-CART.

    An ISO-CART-II system can provide everything necessary to produce quantitative results quickly and easily "right out of the box." The ORTEC ISOTOPIC software can control and process spectra from multiple ISO-CART systems assaying a single item, or can process results from multiple sequential views of the same item. The system can be supplied pre-calibrated at the ORTEC factory, 100% ready for use.

    With ISO-CART-II, the entire assay system is easily transported to any measurement location. The large wheels permit easy movement over rough surfaces. The detector support can be positioned at heights from 0.38 m (15 in.) to 0.91 m (36 in.). The pivot mechanism orients the detector at different angles from 0 to 180°. A sturdy adjustable shelf provides space for the notebook computer for convenient on cart operation. If the spectrometry system must be moved to a location where it is impractical to move the cart itself, it can be easily removed and carried. The collimator may be easily removed for infinite-plane soil measurements.
  • Basic Cart Specifications and Options +

    ISO-CART-II: Large wheels permit easy movement over rough surfaces. Detector support positioning: 0.38 m (15 in.) to 0.91 m (36 in.) H. Pivot mechanism orientation: 0 to 180°. Overall maximum dimensions: 1324 mm (52 in.) L x 889 mm (35 in.) W x 1300 mm (51.5 in.) H. Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs).

    Turntable: Diameter: 30 in.; Rotation Speed: 1 rev/min; Capacity: 1000 lbs.; Height: 9.5 in.
  • Ordering Information +

    Model Description
    ISO-CART-II Cart Only. (Detector/Collimator Carrier (DCC) not included)
    ISO-DCC Detector/Collimator Carrier. Compatible with CFG-PG4-3 and CFG-PMOD4-7.
    IDM-200-V-ISO-2-DCC Detector/Collimator Carrier for IDM-200-V.
    TSP-ISO-DCC Detector/Collimator Carrier slide and plate for Detective and trans-SPEC models.
    SHD-1 5/8-inch Lead Shield/Collimator, copper lined. For use with HPGe detector.
    SHD-2 Tungsten Shield/Collimator. For use with HPGe detector.
    SHD-3 Heavy Duty Lead Shield (1.8" thick) for high backgrounds. For use with HPGe detector.
    TSP-ISO-SHLD-3 Lead Shield, 3" long x 2" thick. Provides 0.5" collimation. For use with Detective and trans-SPEC models.
    TSP-ISO-SHLD-2 Lead Shield, 2" long x 2" thick. For additional collimation with TSP-ISO-SHLD-3.
    ISO-LASERMETER Laser Range Finder.
    ISO-LSRMTR-ADAPT-1 Lasermeter adapter for SHD-1 shield.
    ISO-LSRMTR-ADAPT-2 Lasermeter adapter for SHD-2 shield.
    ISO-LSRMTR-ADAPT-3 Lasermeter adapter for SHD-3 shield.
    ISO-SCALE Platform scale with indicator floor stand.