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EL910 Particulate Filter Holder

ORTEC Model EL910 Particulate Filter Holder for Radiation Air Monitoring
The EL910 Particulate Filter Holder is a mechanical device used to hold a filter media in a sample air stream for the purpose of collecting particulate which may be radioactive. The filter media is positioned so that a detector may be installed to provide continuous radiation measurements of the filter. The filter is readily accessible via a cam lock, o-ring sealed, slide. The EL910 is a 2-in. diameter filter paper holder capable of withstanding up to 10 CFM flow rate through the filter medium.

Common detectors that are used in conjunction with the EL910 include GM tubes, NaI, and charged-particle detectors. The ORTEC Model 905-1 NaI fits into the holder. ORTEC ULTRA™ detectors, up to 1700 mm2 in diameter, can be fitted to the EL910. Complete monitoring systems based on the EL910 — including detector, electronics, and software — can be ordered from ORTEC.

If the detector is not used, the EL910 functions as a simple sampler.
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    EL910    Particulate Filter Holder