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StandFAST II Stand Up Whole Body Counter

StandFast II Stand-up Whole Body Counter
StandFAST II is a stand up whole body counter system for rapid screening of personnel to identify and quantify fission and activation product radionuclides within the body. It represents a significant innovation in fast screening, whole body counters.

  • Hexagonal walk through shield design optimizes placement in either corners or open space and provides efficient throughput of subjects.
  • Computer optimized shielding provides maximum interior space to achieve improved detection limits while minimizing system weight.
  • Windows based system software, with integral subject database facility, easily interfaces to other computer systems as needed.
  • Subject prompting and interleaving allow for maximum throughput during periods of high demand such as reactor outages.
  • 150 Bq (4 nCi) 60Co LLD with individual in scanner.
  • Quality Assurance function guarantees result validity.
  • Gain stabilized, computer controlled electronics.
  • Segmented construction eases assembly in tight locations.
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    System Design and Operation
    The system incorporates three major components: the counter (shield and detector), application software, and signal processing hardware. The hexagonal shape of the StandFAST II Counter is the optimum configuration predicted by the DOE Monte Carlo code, MCNP, for advanced computer modeling of radiation shielding. Dual 4" x 4" x 16" NaI detectors in a shielded column at the front of the counter deliver the best solution for typical fission and activation product counting. The two large NaI detectors are mated to PMT preamplifier bases with integral high-voltage supplies, entirely eliminating long HV cable runs. The analog signals are processed allowing separate spectrum storage and providing digital spectrum stabilization.

    StandFAST II is capable of processing subjects at a high rate while still supporting the requirements of ANSI N13.30. In a nominal analysis, spectra from both detectors are analyzed. In this fashion, data for one subject can be analyzed while a count is in progress for the second subject, and while a third subject is being processed into the system for counting.

    Supervisor and Operator modes with password protection provide data security. An 'EASY-CALIBRATION' procedure makes StandFAST II simple to set up, while the built-in Quality Assurance utility program guarantees result validity.

    Subject results are automatically stored in the industry-standard Subject Database, so that recounts are easily achieved with minimum data entry. Results may be easily transferred to other remote systems (typically via Ethernet), and products such as Microsoft Access may be used to generate custom reports directly from the database.
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    Composed of selected low-background materials (including virgin DOE RUN lead, virgin plastic, 60Co-free steel, and OFHC copper). Easy-to-clean, epoxy-painted outer surfaces, cleanable, or easily replaceable, interior plastic liner.

    Total Weight
    3855 kg (8500 lb.)
    Heaviest Item 1043 kg (2300 lb.)
    Overall Height 221 cm (87 in.)

    Dual 4" x 4" x 16" NaI(Tl) detectors including ORTEC's latest NaI electronics.

    Control Lights
    Highly visible control lights indicate "Ready to Count", "Counting", and "Alarm Condition".
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    Model Description
    STANDFASTII-PC Stand-Up Whole-Body Counter. Includes shield, two 4x4x16 inch NaI detectors, electronics, computer, and software
    STANDFASTII-NOPC Stand-Up Whole-Body Counter. Includes shield, two 4x4x16 inch NaI detectors, electronics, and software
    Phantom Whole-Body Counter Phantom. Polyethylene constructed to model the 95% man
    Phantom Stand Stand for Phantom in STANDFASTII configuration
    Sources Based on type of counter (HPGe or NaI) and energy range of interest

    Other options available including 3” x 5” x 16” NaI detectors and phantoms with Lung, Gastrointestinal, Thyroid, and Total Body configurations compatible with ANSI/HPS 13.30.