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Body Counting Phantom

ORTEC Phantom for Body Counter
The ORTEC Whole-Body Counter Phantom is ideally suited for calibration of the StandFAST™ II stand-up counter, traditional chair counters, or any other counter designed for counting humans.
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    The Phantom is constructed of plastic materials designed to approximate the gamma-ray scattering properties of human tissue. The source positions are designed to represent the positions of certain body organs.

    The rectangular design allows for an economical but adequate representation of the human torso. The design approximates the attenuation of gamma rays from the internal sources as well as the scattering or attenuation of gamma rays from external sources.

    The phantom, constructed of separable but interlocking pieces to facilitate moving and positioning, is conveniently made in two halves. The “neck” piece, designed for a thyroid calibration source, is also removable and interlocking for position repro­ducibility. The “legs” are separate and allow the phantom to be positioned in the StandFAST II.

    The calibration source cavities are designed to hold standard 1-liter WBC calibration standards available from a number of source manufacturers. The calibration sources can be inserted or removed without moving the phantom. The lung sources are inserted from the top by removing the plugs. The gastrointestinal sources are inserted by removing the front of the lower half.

    The overall phantom dimensions follow the guidelines of the Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD) Committee. (See MIRD Pamphlet No. 5, Supplement 3.)
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    Model Description 
    Phantom Whole Body Counter Phantom. Polyethylene constructed to model the 95% man. 
    Phantom Stand Stand for Phantom in StandFAST II configuration