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Health Physics Systems

StandFast II Stand-up Whole Body Counter
Detection and quantification of radioactive material within the body is a key factor in determining internal personnel contamination and dose assessment. These measurements can be made on body fluid samples using lab instrumentation or through direct measurement of personnel. The measurement of body fluids is generally less attractive due to the bio-hazards and lack of immediate results unless non-gamma emitting nuclide measurements are required. The direct measurement of personnel for gamma emitting radioactive material provides rapid results, can determine where the material may be located within the body, and does not require mobility of the material through body fluids for detection.

ORTEC provides direct personnel measurement systems for quick screening or routine investigation using NaI and HPGe detectors where the subject can be positioned by standing, sitting, or lying down with fixed or moving detection configurations. All of these systems use ORTEC’s Renaissance software application for simple system setup and operation.