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GammaScreen-8 Gross Gamma Screening Counter

The Gross Gamma Screening system is intended for the rapid screening of urine samples for the presence of elevated radioactivity in a post-radiological event scenario. This system allows up to eight urine samples to be counted simultaneously in discretely shielded 3” x 3” NaI Well radiation detectors to quickly identify elevated radioactivity from personnel in the exposed population. This screening process provides critical information to Emergency Response Agencies and is accomplished with minimal operator training.
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    8-Channel Rapid Analysis Screening of Multiple Gamma Emitting Radionuclides in Clinical Samples

    • A very compact solution for rapid screening of hundreds of samples/day for possible radioactive contamination.
    • No sample processing: Pass/fail evaluations against analysis limits.
    • 700 samples may be counted in 20 hrs of operation. 
    • MDA (LOD) = 52 Bq/L, 300 second count. 
    • 8 samples (10 ml or 50 ml) counted simultaneously with automated data entry by bar code scanning (optional).
    • 8 completely independent NaI(Tl) well detectors and count chains.
    • Digitally stable electronics.
    • Full spectral data retained for detailed analysis.

    The post 9-11 world differs drastically from previous nuclear age history. The possibility of a large accidental release of radioactivity affecting a civilian population is now added to by the possibility of an intentional exposure as a result of a terrorist attack involving a radioactive dispersal device or RDD. Following an exposure event or environmental release of radioactive material, large numbers of people may require or demand internal monitoring. Failure to respond quickly can increase the level of public anxiety. Even when the risk is slight, large numbers of subjects may be required to be screened rapidly to reduce public anxiety. 

    The ORTEC GAMMASCREEN-8 multi-sample screening system has been developed as a simple-to-use tool for this first step screening operation. GAMMASCREEN-8 is a turn-key system based on ORTEC digital signal processing spectroscopy technology. 

    Eight sodium iodide (NaI (Tl)) “well” detectors, each with individual digiBASE all-in-one digital spectrometer-photomultiplier bases are placed within a common and compact lead shield in an arrangement designed to reduce sample cross-talk to a minimum. 

    Small sample vials may be counted within the well or 50 ml pots may be placed on top of the detectors. 

    The sample screening software application manages the system ensuring reliable and simple operation. Set-up is very simple; a single parameter entry screen sets the 8 detector bias settings, the stabilization and threshold limits and a common acquisition preset for the sample batches to be screened.

    An optional bar code reader can be used to simplify sample ID data entry. 

    In screening operation, sample gross count-rates are compared to a threshold giving a simple-to-interpret pass-fail criterion.

    MAESTRO® MCA software may be used to scrutinize the detailed spectra of questionable samples; a complete sample load of 8 spectra may be displayed simultaneously, with live spectral display during counting.

    “Failed” samples may be investigated further with an HPGe spectrometer, or the sample could be counted longer in-situ for more positive nuclide ID and quantitative analysis using the optional A66SV-BW GammaVision Software.

    The ORTEC GAMMASCREEN-8 multi-sample screening system is available as a customized solution to individual requirements.
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    Lead Shield, floor mounted
    1780 lbs (810kg)
    Dimensions (H x W x L) 34.5 x 24 x 28 in (87.6 x 61.0 x 71.1 cm)
    Width with top open 38.54 in (97.9 cm)
    Minimum thickness between detectors 1 in (2.54 cm)

    NaI Detectors
    Crystal Size 3” diameter x 5” long
    Sample Well 0.67” diameter x 3.9” deep

    Sample Tubes 
    (not included but supplied at extra cost if required)
    Maximum Dimensions 17 mm diameter x 120 mm length with nominal 15 ml volume.

    digiBASE High Performance NaI Spectrometer in an integrated photomultiplier base.

    Minimum Computer Specifications 
    (individual systems may vary)
    • Mini-tower format with minimum 1.8 GHz Pentium Dual Core Processor, 1 GB RAM,160 GB hard drive, 48x32 CD-RW/DVD Combo and 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet. 
    • Windows XP Pro with Vista License. 
    • Office 2007 Pro and Adobe Acrobat 8.1. 
    • USB Hub. 
    • 17” LCD Monitor. 
    • HP Laser-Jet 1505 printer or equivalent.

    Included Application Software
    GS8-B32 GAMMASCREEN-8 Eight Detector Sample Screening software
    A65-BW MAESTRO MCA Emulation software
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    Model Description
    GAMMASCREEN-8 Complete 8 detector system including all detectors, electronics, PC hardware and software.