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Detective-X-TS - The Premium Portable High Resolution HPGe Gamma Spectrometer

ORTEC Detective-X-TS - Detective-X Trans-SPEC EditionThe DETECTIVE-X-TS is a portable, all-inclusive, high resolution gamma spectrometer for in-situ measurements.

  • Large P-Type High Purity Germanium Detector (65 x 50 mm) >40% Relative Efficiency
  • High Reliability Stirling-Cycle Cooler with Hardened Cryostat
  • Digital Signal Processing and active low frequency noise reduction (LFR)
  • Rugged design for harsh environments (IP65 compliant)
  • Compact and Light-Weight (15.4 lbs / 6.98 kg)
  • Long Battery Life (8 hours) with two hot swappable batteries
  • Large (4.3 inch) High Resolution touch screen easily readable in sunlight
  • Internal and Removable File Storage (>100,000 spectra)
  • Computer Control via USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi compatible with ORTEC Applications
  • Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Computer application mirroring on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms
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    The DETECTIVE-X-TS is a portable, all-inclusive, high resolution gamma spectrometer for in-situ measurements. It can be used as a stand-alone instrument to collect spectra in the field or controlled by a computer connected via USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi using applications such as MAESTRO-Pro (included), GammaVision, Isotopic, and others.

    The DETECTIVE-X-TS is physically identical to the popular DETECTIVE-X Radioisotope Identifier which is considered the “Gold Standard” for Mission Critical Detection and Identification. Similar to ORTEC’s legacy TRANS-SPEC-100T and MICRO-TRANS-SPEC instruments, the DETECTIVE-X-TS is specifically intended for use as a more economical portable high resolution gamma spectrometer for field measurements rather than an automatic isotopic identifier. The DETECTIVE-X-TS model includes warranted resolution performance and MCA Emulation software, but excludes the Isotopic Identification applications included with the other DETECTIVE-X models (Detective X, RAPiD, and Sleuth). The DETECTIVE-X-TS can be upgraded to the DETECTIVE-X 3 MeV and 8 MeV models along with a current Dose Rate calibration.


    • Main Spectrum Display: Log/Lin, Zoom, Region of Interest, Start, Stop, Clear Acquisition, and Save Spectrum.
    • Peak/ROI Data: Centroid, FWHM, Start/End Channel, Gross and Net Area and Count Rate.
    • Configurable Spectrum Marker Data: Energy, Channel, Counts.
    • Configurable Status Lines: Two of any of the following: Live Time, Real Time, Live Time Remaining, Real Time Remaining, Battery Time Remaining, Count Rate, Count Rate in ROI.
    • MCA Controls: ADC Conversion Gain with Upper and Lower Level Discriminators, Coarse and Fine Amplifier Gain, Base Line Restore (Auto, Fast, Slow), Gain and Zero Stabilizers, High Voltage On/Off.
    • Acquisition Presets: Live Time, Real Time, ROI Peak, and ROI Integral.
    • State of Health Status: ±12 V, +3.3 V, Detector Temperature, Cooler Body Temperature, Cold Tip Temperature, High Voltage.
    • Security: Password protected User/Admin modes, Lock/Hide Spectrum Display during acquisition.
    • Energy Calibration: Quadratic fit of energy versus channel.
    • External Applications: Compatible with all ORTEC CONNECTIONS-based applications such as MAESTRO, MAESTRO-Pro, GammaVision, Isotopic, Renaissance, and the A11 Programmer’s Toolkit for a broad range of application uses.
  • Specifications +

    Radiation Detector / Cooler
    P-type high-purity germanium (HPGe). Coaxial construction. Nominally 65 mm diameter x 50 mm length.
    Relative Efficiency ≥40% typical (ANSI/IEEE 325-1996).
    ≤1600 eV @ 122 keV and ≤2.3 keV @ 1332 keV (FWHM Warranted at optimum settings).
    Peak Shape
    1.9 typical (FWTM/FWHM).
    Cryostat and Cooler “Hardened” cryostat, with high-reliability, low-power Stirling cooler. The cryostat design is such that the unit may be switched off at any time and power subsequently re-applied without having to wait for a full thermal cycle (full warm up before cool down). This feature greatly increases system availability during measurement campaigns.
    Cool Down Time The high-reliability cooler is designed for continuous operation. Between making measurements the unit is powered from a DC supply, car battery or other device. Initial cool down time depends on ambient temperature, but is typically 6 hours at 25°C.

    Digital MCA and Data Processor
    Digital Low Frequency Noise Suppression
    "LFR Filter".
    Conversion Gain
    Up to 16k channels.
    4.3” WQVGA (480 x 272 pixels) sunlight readable, touch sensitive, operate with finger or stylus.
    Data Processor
    FREESCALE I.MX535 operating at 1 GHz.
    Data Storage Media
    Internal RAM and removable low profile USB Flash drive. The unit is shipped with a USB Flash drive which can store over 100,000 spectra.
    File Format
    ORTEC CHN and SPC spectrum formats.
    Computer and Device Interfacing
    USB, Ethernet TCP/IP v4 connections via standard RJ45 Ethernet connection (10/100 Mbps, auto-sensing), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/e/i/h/j standards and IEEE 802.11n with protected access protocols including WPA and WPA2). Mobile MCB Server enables remote control through ORTEC CONNECTIONS-based applications, such as MAESTRO, GammaVision, etc.. Wisemo is used for device application mirroring and control.

    Maximum Overall Dimensions
    (including handle and Ge detector endcap) 15.5 in L x 6.25 in W x 8.25 in H (39.5 cm L x 16 cm W x 21 cm H).
    15.4 lbs (6.98 kg).
    Internal Battery
    2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion. 98 Wh each, nominal. Approximately 8 hours of battery life at 25°C when HPGe detector is cold. <4 hour time to charge. Internal battery is easily swapped.
    External Battery
    Battery lifetime may be extended indefinitely by the use of optional external battery packs. An external military battery (Model 2590) weighs less than 3.25 lbs and extends lifetime to >16 hrs.
    Input Power
    12 to 17 V DC from battery or DC power supply (universal mains supply included).
    Power Usage
    Highest during cool down and charging battery: <100 Watt. Cold with fully charged battery <35 W.
    Operation Range
    Temperature: –20°C to 50°C. Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing.
    Instrument Enclosure
    IP65 Sealed against ingress of dust and water. All perforations are sealed by rubber plugs (connectors, memory cards, etc.).
  • Ordering Information +

    Model Description
    Ultra-Light-Weight, Portable, High Efficiency, Standard HPGe Spectrometer. Includes mains adapter, vehicle power cable, USB flash drive, shoulder strap, MAESTRO-PRO software and wheeled hardsided case. Does not include Radioisotopic Identification applications (Detective X, Sleuth, and RAPiD).
    DETECTIVE-X-TS Upgrade to full DETECTIVE-X 3 MeV model including Radioisotopic Identification applications (Detective X, Sleuth, and RAPiD) and Dose Rate Calibration. Requires return to factory.
    DETECTIVE-X-TS Upgrade to full DETECTIVE-X-8 8 MeV model including Radioisotopic Identification applications (Detective X, Sleuth, and RAPiD) and Dose Rate Calibration. Requires return to factory.
    Lithium-Ion Battery.
    Standalone dual battery charger and calibrator.
    Vehicle powered adapter cable.
    Universal AC mains power supply.
    Battery Cable for connection to Military 2590 battery.
    Low Energy Gamma Filter.
    Tungsten Collimator 4 mm thick.
    Steel Collimator 4 mm thick.
    Wheeled Transport Case.
    USB Mini Flash Drive.
    WiFi 802.11 B/G/N USB Adapter.
    Shoulder Strap.
    Retractable Cord for Stylus.
    DETECTIVE-X-OPT-RFSECURE Removal of WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS signal capability from Detective-X-TS.
    Ultra Battery Extender. Includes battery, charger and cable for Detective-X-TS.
    Variable length tripod and mounting hardware for Detective-X-TS
    Variable length tripod for Detective-X-TS
    Vertical mounting bracket for Detective-X-TS on M-1-T2 tripod