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Custom Systems

ORTEC strives to meet your measurement needs in every aspect. If one of our standard solutions is not the answer, we have the expertise, equipment, and commitment to design and develop robust solutions that satisfy your particular application requirements. This is the primary role of our Integrated System Group (ISG) which provides the following services:

  • Integration and Test of standard products to ensure proper equipment configuration, software installation, and verification of warranty specifications as applicable.
  • Design and develop custom software and hardware solutions to meet special application needs.
  • Assemble and test special systems associated with the following applications:
      • Counting Labs
      • Whole Body Counting
      • In-Situ waste and contamination
      • On-Line Process Monitoring
      • Air Sample Collection
      • Homeland Security
  • Process Steps +

    The Integrated Systems Group follows a comprehensive approach to project management to ensure that your requirements are understood, implemented, and tested to the highest quality standards. The following is a summary of the process steps typically implemented for Integrated and Custom systems:

    Step 1 Consulting: The System definition is the primary key to the success of any project - particularly for complex systems. Our Technical Staff can help refine the project definition to ensure that the scope is clear and concise including site visits up front when necessary.

    Step 2 Proposal: After the system and options have been defined, we provide a complete proposal including equipment, pricing, and supporting documentation such as schematics, product specifications, and equipment qualifications as applicable.

    Step 3 Design Review: We encourage your input for the design of custom systems to ensure that our vision is in line with your expectations. We also develop and review QA plans as applicable.

    Step 4 Manufacturing: As building occurs, customer visits are encouraged to review progress. Occasionally, during construction, "a better way" comes to mind and changes are considered.

    Step 5 Testing: In addition to component and system testing, we frequently perform a formal Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with your participation or observation. Systems can be calibrated at the factory using NIST traceable standards from our inventory, or during the site installation using your reference sources.

    Step 6 On-Site Installation and Testing: Our technicians assist with installation and run the system through its paces on site. For some applications an on-site test procedure similar to the FAT is approved by you to ensure that the extent of the testing is well-defined prior to the installation.

    Step 7 Documentation: Documentation delivered with your system includes suggested spare parts, electrical diagrams, schematics, trouble-shooting guidelines, preventive maintenance guidelines, and step-by-step operating instructions as applicable for the proposed system.

    Step 8 System Support: All of our products, whether components, instruments, or systems, have standard warranties that can be extended with a wide variety of service contract options. In addition, our highly qualified technical staff is always available for telephone or email support at no additional cost.