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A-576 A-PAD Alpha Spectroscopy Chain

Complete alpha spectroscopy chain in a one-wide NIM module: Preamplifier, Amplifier, Discriminator with Bias Supply

  • Includes preamplifier, amplifier, bias supply, and discriminator
  • Lowest cost per input for non-NIM vacuum chambers
  • Spectroscopy and gross counting outputs
  • Front-panel-selectable energy ranges
  • Integral test pulse generator
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    The ORTEC Model A-576 A-PAD is a single-wide NIM module for performing alpha spectroscopy and counting when used in conjunction with a silicon surface barrier radiation detector. The instrument includes a variable radiation detector bias supply, a preamplifier, a shaping and stretching amplifier, a biased amplifier, a test pulse generator, and a discriminator. The radiation detector bias supply and the amplifier have selectable polarity so that the A-PAD can be used with any charged-particle silicon semiconductor radiation detector. Examples are the ORTEC ULTRA ion-implanted Si radiation detectors and Ruggedized Si surface barrier radiation detectors.
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    Model Description
    A576 A-PAD Preamplifier, Amplifier, Discriminator with Bias Supply