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MPC-1000-GFL Manual Sample Changer

  • 5.1 cm (2 in.) Standard Planchet Diameter
  • Gas-PRO™ Failsafe Counting
  • Ultra-Low Background Counter
  • Windowless Gas Flow Detector
  • Gas Conservation
  • Cosmic Guard Detector
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • USB Port
The MPC-1000-GFL Single Detector Counter is the most versatile, high-performance, ultra-low background counter available. This counter provides new labs a cost effective entry into Ultra-Low Background Alpha/Beta Counting until sample volumes grow larger and justify either Multi-Detector Systems or Automatic Counters.

Compatible Application Software Packages
  • Vista 2000 Radio-Chemistry Applications Software
  • DUO Software (for use when operating in the Color Touch Screen Interface Mode)
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  • Specifications +

    Sample Changer
    Number of Detectors 1 + guard
    Counter Ultra Low Background
    Sample Size 5.1 cm (2 in.) diameter
    Interface Touch Screen

    5.7 cm (2.23 in.) Diameter
    Type  Hemispherical Style Gas Flow Proportional
    Window Windowless
    Guard Detector Large Area Gas Flow Proportional
    Counting Gas P-10, 150 cc/min @ 10 psi
    Gas-PRO Protection Yes
    Shielding 10.2 cm (4 in.) thick

    5.1 cm (2.0 in.) Diameter Planchets
    Capacity 1
    Depth 1/8, 1/4, 5/16 inch
    Data Export USB Flash Drive, RS-232


    Touch Screen
    Compatible Software Vista 2000, DUO software

    Alpha Background
    0.05 cpm typical, 0.1 cpm warranted
    Beta Background 0.7 cpm typical, 0.9 cpm warranted
    Po210 Efficiency 45%
    Am241 Efficiency 45%
    Th230 Efficiency 45%
    Sr90/Y90 Efficiency 55%
    Tc99 Efficiency 45%
    Cs137 Efficiency 45%
    Alpha-Beta Crosstalk <0.1%
    Beta-Alpha Crosstalk <0.1%
    Count Modes Alpha only, Beta only, Alpha/Beta Simultaneously

    Dimensions 58.4 W x 61 D cm (23 W x 24 D in.)
    Weight 172 kg (380 lb) installed
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    Model Description
    MPC-1000-GFL Manual Sample Changer