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Vista 2000 Alpha/Beta Control Software for Radiochemistry

  • Comprehensive QC functions
  • Mass attenuation correction
  • Standard and custom report options
  • Microsoft Access format results database
  • Allows control of multiple Alpha/Beta counters including different system types

Vista 2000 is designed for the radiochemist who needs high-quality analysis, QC, and reporting, all from a single application that controls an alpha/beta counter. Radiochemistry applications have very different priorities compared to health physics applications. A system in a drinking water laboratory, for example, is normally used by one or two people who have a great deal of instrumentation experience. The sample load is most often relatively small in number, but requires count times of several hours per sample. Samples tend to have more detailed information, which must be tracked with the counting results. The analysis performed on samples may vary according to state regulatory requirements, or according to customer demands.

Vista 2000 was designed from the start to meet these needs. It was deliberately not designed to do "everything for everybody." It was designed specifically for radiochemists, based on inputs from long-term practitioners in the industry.

Vista 2000 has a full complement of features such as, easy setup, QC functions, standard and custom reports, and multiple system control are all there. Data is stored in an open, easily accessed format, and does not require relational database knowledge to use. Vista FC also does not require third-party applications or days of training to learn how to use or generate standard or customized reports.

  • Full QC - trends, efficiency, background
  • Multiple Systems - any mix to 64 detectors (MDS, WPC-9550 and MPC-9300)
  • Flexible Reporting - standard plus user customized (no database knowledge needed!)
  • Unified Platform - same software controls single detector, multi-detector, automatic and manual system
  • Self Configuring - easy field expansion of hardware
  • Mass Attenuation - individual calibration curves for each count routine; multiple curve fits to choose from