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Scintillation Radiation Detector Electronics and Accessories

ORTEC provides a variety of electronic suites that support both NaI(Tl) and LaBr detector configurations.

All-in-One Solutions (14-Pin PMT tube base with integrated bias supply, preamplifier, and MCA)
DigiBASE and DigiBASE-E 14 Pin Photomultiplier Tube Base (PMT) with integrated bias supply, preamplifier and MCA

Modular Solutions (Individual photomultiplier tubes and preamplifiers)
Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Bases and Preamplifiers for Scintillation Radiation Detectors

Lead Shield G-5
The ORTEC G-5 shield offers a convenient table top lead shield with an integrated cable-way for sodium iodide detectors. A clamp mechanism secures the Detector/PMT assembly and provides space for coupling any ORTEC PMT base to the PMT. Shipping weight is 300 lbs.  Data Sheet   Data Sheet (A4)

Lead Shield G-5 for Scintillation Radiation Detectors