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GWL (Well) P-type Reverse Coaxial Radiation Detectors

HPGe Radiation Detector Energy Range - GWL Radiation Detector
ORTEC GWL Series High-Purity Germanium (HPGe) Well Detectors are a good solution for low level counting of small samples. The unique ion-implanted detectorGWL (Well) P-type Reverse Coaxial Radiation Detectors well has an ultra-thin dead layer (only 0.3 μm thick), and therefore provides the most extensive useful energy range (10 keV to 10 MeV). Unlike other Well detectors that have a hole all the way through the germanium crystal, ORTEC’s Well Detectors have a “blind hole” with at least 5 mm of active germanium at the bottom of the hole (image to right). This near 4 π geometry provides the maximum absolute counting efficiency available. The large well (1.55-cm diameter and 4.0-cm-long) accommodates an extensive range of sample sizes. Like all of ORTEC’s HPGe photon detectors, the HPGe Well detector may be stored or cycled repeatedly to room temperature without performance degradation.

GWL Series feature:
  • Near 4 π geometry; high absolute counting efficiency for small samples.
  • Spectroscopy from 10 keV to 10 MeV.
  • Active Volumes to 400 cc.
  • Unique ion-implanted blind well.
  • Extra-large well (1.55 x 4.0 cm) standard.
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    Remote Preamplifier Option  (-HJ)
    This option allows all the preamplifier and high voltage connections to be outside a shield and removes the preamplifier and high voltage filter from the “line-of-sight” to the Ge crystal. For low background applications, this option eliminates any possible preamplifier or high voltage filter components that may add to the background inside a shield.

    Low-Background Options  (-LB-AWT, and -XLB-AWT)
    Low-background GWL detectors are supplied with oxygen-free high conductivity (OFHC) copper endcaps with low-background high purity aluminum well tubes of 0.02 inch wall thickness.
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