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GLP Series Planar HPGe Low Energy Radiation Detectors

HPGe Radiation Detector Energy Range - GLP Radiation Detector
  • Excellent energy resolution in the 3 to 300 keV range
  • Active area from 30 to 1000 mm2
  • PopTop flexibility
  • Unequaled timing performance
  • Detectors larger than 36-mm diameter available
  • Available with special feedback resistor for high-rate applications
  • POF preamplifier option for superior energy resolution and high count rate at low energies
The ORTEC GLP Series Planar Low-Energy Photon Spectrometer (LEPS) is a small-area, high-purity germanium photon spectrometer for use in applications over the energy range from 3 to ~300 keV.

Available in diameters from 6 to 36 mm, the LEPS offers exceptional energy resolution for low and intermediate energies. At low energies in nuclear structure physics GLP detectors are irreplaceable because of their excellent timing performance.
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    SMART-1 Option  (-SMN)
    The SMART-1 option monitors and reports on vital system functions, and can save authentication codes and report the code at a later time. It has the high voltage included, so none of the instruments require an external high-voltage power supply. The SMART-1 is housed in a rugged ABS molded plastic enclosure and is permanently attached to the detector endcap via a molded-strain-relieved sealed cable. This eliminates the possibility that the detector will suffer severe damage from moisture leaking into high-voltage connectors. The SMART-1 can be positioned in any convenient place and does not interfere with shielding or other mounting hardware.
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