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High Performance High Purity Germanium (HPGe) Planar Radiation Detectors for Safeguards and Non-Destructive Assay

  • Specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of isotopic ratio software codes used in Safeguards and NDA. 
  • Excellent resolution is maintained over a wide range of count rates, enhancing measurement flexibility.
  • Available in a full range of crystal diameters.
  • Extensive range of cryostats with multi-orientation dewar options for applications requiring portability.
  • Compatible with all existing Safeguards multichannel analyzers.
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    The precise measurement of isotopic ratios required in Safeguards and non-destructive assay (NDA) applications places a severe demand on the techniques of gamma-ray and x-ray spectroscopy. The choice of energy region(s) for analysis depends specifically on the sample type and origin and the material matrix.

    National laboratory software codes written to obtain highly accurate isotopic ratios, must deal with these spectra to analyze low-energy and/or high-energy regions in which groups of peaks are located close together. Each code requires exceptional system resolution and stability in order to achieve accurate unfolding of these regions.

    Recent safeguards development trends have led to a growing requirement of isotopic ratio determinations involving higher energy gamma-rays. Such needs spring from the need to measure attenuated samples, such as those found in waste assay and in certain homeland security applications. Software codes such as FRAM and MGAHI can now determine Pu isotopic ratios from the higher energy regions of the spectrum. As a consequence, it is desirable to produce HPGe detectors that offer improved higher energy performance, while maintaining the excellent resolution characteristics required in such applications.

    The ORTEC Safeguards series include both coaxial and planar geometry detectors, specifically designed to meet the demands of the applications software used for isotopic ratio determination, have been developed to strike an optimum balance between low-energy resolution and high-energy efficiency.

    SGD planar detectors are compatible with ALL conventional MCA types, although optimum performance will be obtained when used with the ORTEC Digital Signal Processing Spectrometers

    All SGD planar detectors feature the following: 

    • Choice of fixed, portable, and custom cryostats, including the latest MOD multi-orientation dewar option. 
    • Robust aluminum endcap 
    • Streamline preamplifier assembly 
    • LN2-Free option

    The latest low-power resistive feedback preamplifier with "no ring" output, suitable for use with all existing types of MCA systems. Power consumption less than 25 mA at ±12 and ±24 V. 

    Application Considerations 
    For safeguards accountancy measurements involving the verification of declared materials values, the sample is usually presented in a pure form in a purpose-designed thin-walled container. This occurs with routine safeguards inspection programs, when a portable system is employed. 
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    SMART-1 Option  (-SMN)
    The SMART-1 option monitors and reports on vital system functions, and can save authentication codes and report the code at a later time. It has the high voltage included, so none of the instruments require an external high-voltage power supply. The SMART-1 is housed in a rugged ABS molded plastic enclosure and is permanently attached to the detector endcap via a molded-strain-relieved sealed cable. This eliminates the possibility that the detector will suffer severe damage from moisture leaking into high-voltage connectors. The SMART-1 can be positioned in any convenient place and does not interfere with shielding or other mounting hardware.
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