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PINS-GMX Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy Gamma-X Detector

The Portable Isotopic Neutron-Spectroscopy GAMMA-X (PINS-GMX) detector was created from a joint development of ORTEC and the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in response to the growing worldwide need to determine in situ the specific nature of the contents of a variety of containers of munitions or potential chemical weapons. Such applications require a detector with high resolution over a large range of energy, portability, neutron damage resistance, reliability, and ease of use. The performance of the PINS-GMX detector has been verified in real-world use by the U.S. Army.
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    • High purity germanium (HPGe) detector with high-neutron damage resistance characteristics.
    • Relative efficiency >40% for 1.33-MeV gamma ray of 60Co, relative to a 3-in. x 3-in. NaI(Tl) crystal at a 25-cm source-to-detector distance.
    • Rugged 0.3-microns thick boron implant contact on all outer surfaces.
    • Rugged all aluminum endcap with front window thickness of ≤1 mm.
    • Detector crystal to endcap front distance ≤5 mm.
    • Horizontal concentric type preamplifier.
    • Preamplifier outputs capable of driving 150 feet of coaxial cable without measurable degradation to the pulse shape or resolution.
    • Minimum operating bias of –3000 volts, and typically operates at bias between –4000 and –5000 volts.
    • All attitude portable style cryostat and dewar providing adequate cooling in any orientation if any liquid nitrogen is in the dewar.
    • Dewar capacity of 1.2 liters liquid nitrogen, with nominal 20-hour holding time.
    • High-rate indicator for excessive count rate.
    • Internal temperature sensor providing necessary signal for high-voltage shutdown in the event of accidental warm up.
    • A sensor is incorporated into the cryostat in such a way that if the detector warms up, a logic signal to gate off the high-voltage power supply will be generated.
    • Can be safely thermal cycled to room temperature.
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    • FWHM:  ≤1.95 keV at 1.33 MeV
    • FWTM:  ≤3.90 keV at 1.33 MeV
    • FWFM:  ≤5.85 keV at 1.33 MeV
    • Peak-to Compton (pC) ratio:  >55:1
    • FWHM:  ≤825 eV at 88 keV
    • FWHM:  ≤750 eV at 22 keV  
    • Peak area ratio from 109Cd at 22-keV to 88-keV >7 
    • Ratio of 2.6-MeV to 1.33-MeV FWHM resolutions <1.5
    The FWHM of a time spectrum taken with the detector and an 1-in. x 1-in. plastic scintillator with an energy window 100 keV wide and constant-fraction timing:
    Energy Window Centroid (keV) FWHM (Nanoseconds)
    Capable of operating at energy rates >50,000 MeV/sec without preamplifier lockup and without deterioration in resolution beyond that contributed by the main amplifier.
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    Model Description
    PINS-GMX GAMMA-X Detector for PINS-2 System. Includes CFG-MG4-1.2 Dewar/Cryostat and SMART-1 option for negative bias detector.
    Bayonet Pressure Fill
    Storage Fill Dewar