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X-COOLER III Mechanical Cooler

X-COOLER III Mechanical Cooler for ORTEC PopTop Radiation DetectorNotice: The X-COOLER III will be discontinued on December 31, 2020. Please see the Obsolescence Notice below. 

  • Saves labor and expense in comparison to traditional LN2 cooling: eliminates safety risk in handling of liquid cryogens.
  • Separate cooler and compressor with flexible umbilical makes for easy installation in most existing shields.
  • Maintenance-free, all-attitude cold head.
  • Pop-Top™ flexibility: compatible with all ORTEC HPGe radiation detector types.
  • 100% compatible replacement for all previous X-COOLER models.
  • Near silent operation (<60 dB audible noise at 1 meter).
  • Low power consumption (< 400 Watt in operation).
X-COOLER III from ORTEC represents the third generation of X-COOLER products; solutions which eliminate the need for liquid nitrogen for the cooling of HPGe radiation detectors installed in counting laboratories and similar environments.
  • Obsolescence Notice +

    ORTEC will no longer sell the X-COOLER III Mechanical Cooler for High Purity Germanium Detectors (HPGe) after December 31, 2020.

    Final orders must be received no later that September 30, 2020, with final shipments planned to complete by December 31, 2020.

    Spare parts and service will continue through December 31, 2022 or while supplies last. Please contact us for more details on service and support as necessary.

    ORTEC’s Integrated Cryocooling System (ICS) is the replacement product, offering both a compatible PopTop option and a hardened vacuum Streamline option.

    The key benefits of the ICS cooler are:
    • Increased reliability
    • Lower power consumption
    • No thermal cycling (streamline option)
    • Lighter and smaller form factor

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  • More Information +

    Transformational Technology 
    At introduction, the X-COOLER represented a transformational technology development: for the first time users could make a choice between LN2 detector cooling and mechanical cooling for the counting laboratory, based on value and convenience, rather than being driven to a costly LN2-free solution by radiation hazard issues or remote location restrictions.

    The X-COOLER design, based on the ORTEC PopTop demountable radiation detector capsule concept and featuring a flexible umbilical connection between the compact compressor and the cold head meant that many users rapidly converted from LN2 to the X-COOLER.

    Since introduction, several thousand X-COOLER systems have been deployed world-wide. Currently approximately three-quarters of all users of ORTEC HPGe radiation detectors in counting laboratory applications choose to specify X-COOLER over traditional LN2 cooling. There are more ORTEC HPGe radiation detectors in operation today cooled by mechanical coolers than are cooled by all other mechanical coolers in total. ORTEC has by far the most experience as a supplier in this field.

    The 3rd Generation X-COOLER Arrives

    Zero Maintenance
    The arrival of the X-COOLER III heralds further technological development. The new model has improved ambient temperature performance and has a 100% maintenance-free cold head. The periodic changing of the foam dust filter on the compressor cooling fan is all that is needed, and this can be carried out in seconds.

    Backward Compatible
    The new cold head design is entirely compatible with previous models meaning that the X-COOLER III can be considered a “drop in replacement” for all applications. The new model is very slightly shorter in length but lacks the restrictive flange assembly on the narrow section of the previous version.

    “Refresher” Option for Existing Installation Upgrades
    In order to ensure longest trouble-free operational life, it is recommended that when fitting an X-COOLER III to an existing PopTop radiation detector, that the radiation detector be subjected to a vacuum “refresh” which is a simple pump and bake operation and can be carried out speedily at the local ORTEC Service Center or in some cases at a customer facility. 
  • Specifications +

    • Compressor: 31.8 cm W × 31.8 cm D × 28 cm H (12.5 in. × 12.5 in. × 11 in.).
    • Cold Head Length with Detector Capsule (figure in “” is capsule endcap diameter mm):
      “-70” detector capsules 55.1 cm (21.7 in.) .
      “-76” or “-83” detector capsules 58.4 cm (23 in.).
      “-95” detector capsules 61 cm (24 in.).
      “-108” detector capsules 62.5 cm (24.6 in.).
    • Compressor: 16.4 kg (36 lbs).
    • Cold Head: 5 kg (11 lbs) not including crystal.
    Acoustic Noise Less than 60 dB at 1 m.
    Input Power 110–120 V ac 57, 63 Hz; or 220–240 V ac 47–53 Hz. Input power must be selected by ordering the appropriate model number.
    Power Consumption <500 W during initial cool down; <400 W during normal operation.
    Operating Temperature 5°C to 30°C.
    Relative Humidity 5–95% non-condensing.
    Umbilical Connector Hose 3 m (10 ft) gas hose connected between compressor box and cold head assembly is included. Longer lengths available on special request. Contact ORTEC for more information and pricing on other hoses.
    Refrigerant Mixed-gas, CFC-free refrigerant; MSDS available on request.
    CE Conforms to CE standards for radiated and conducted emissions, susceptibility, and low-voltage CryoSecure option.
    NRTL Certification verifies, through OSHA-approved NRTL certification authority TÜV SÜD, that the product meets U.S. electrical safety standards (UL/ANSI).
    Warranty Standard one year.
    X-COOLER III HPGe Spectroscopic Performance The flexible umbilical between compressor and cold head and the no-moving-parts cold head design makes for excellent spectroscopic performance in terms of measured detector energy resolution at full width half maximum (FWHM). In many cases no degradation at all is detectable.

    For detectors ordered with an X-COOLER, in comparison to warranted specifications cooled on liquid nitrogen the following resolution performance warranty applies:

    No degradation discernable above 500 keV. Below 500 keV degradation less than 10% of warranted LN2 specification. As in the case of LN2-cooled ORTEC HPGe detectors, “super specifications” are available on special order if required. When an existing PopTop detector capsule is upgraded to an X-COOLER III, the resolution specifications above cannot be warranted, but may be regarded as typical.
  • Ordering Information +

    Model Description 
    CFG-X-COOL-III-115 X-COOLER III with PopTop connector using 110–120 V ac, 60 Hz Input Power
    CFG-X-COOL-III-230 X-COOLER III with PopTop connector using 220–240 V ac, 50 Hz Input Power
    Omnidirectional Cold Head Stand (ideal when replacing 30 L dewar dipstick type cryostats)
    Cold Head Rackmount Bracket
    Programmable Compressor Power Controller (ensures that detector is fully warmed before commencing cool down after power failure)
    30 minute backup power system (1440 VA) for maintaining Mains power to the X-COOLER III during brief power outages. Input/Output power: 110–120 V ac, 60 Hz.
    30 minute backup power system (1440 VA) for maintaining Mains power to the X-COOLER III during brief power outages. Input/Output power: 220–240 V ac, 50 Hz.
    Replacement fan filters (pkg. of 12)