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HPGe Radiation Detector Cooling

Cryostats, Dewars, Cryostat/Dewar Assemblies, and Electrical Cooling
All HPGe radiation detectors require cooling to cryogenic temperatures for successful operation. This is typically accomplished using a liquid cryogen, most commonly liquid nitrogen (LN2), or with an electro-mechanical cooler.

ORTEC offers a full suite of cryogenic cooling solutions to meet the diversity of customer application requirements. These solutions range from static and recirculating LN2 operations, to various electro-mechanical cryocoolers.

Please select from the following table for more details about each solution.

Electro-Mechanical Options
Liquid Nitrogen Based Options
Integrated electro-mechanical cooling system for PopTop and Streamline HPGe radiation detectors using the latest generation in cryogenic technology to provide LN2-free operation.
Condensing liquid nitrogen radiation detector cooling system that requires refilling only every other year.
ICS Integrated Cryocooling System for ORTEC Radiation Detectors
Mobius Liquid Nitrogen Condensing Dewar for Radiation Detector
Dewars and Cryostats
Standard liquid nitrogen cooling in a variety of cryostat configurations and dewar sizes to support most radiation detector applications. (For cryostat/dewar specifications, see the configuration guide for your detector type.)