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Harsh Environment (-HE) Detector Option

ORTEC Harsh Environment (-HE) Option for HPGe Radiation DetectorsHigh-Reliability Gamma Spectroscopy in Harsh Environment Conditions

• Corrosion resistant
• Impervious to moisture
• Unaffected by dust and grit
• No loss in sensitivity

Increasingly, methods are being developed in a variety of fields in which the advantages of high resolution germanium gamma ray detectors produce great improvements to measurement quality. Increased desire for “real time” results and reduction in labor cost is driving the measurement “out of the lab and into the process.” Examples may be found in homeland security, nuclear safeguards, and in both nuclear and non nuclear “in plant” industrial processes. Developments in the field of neutron generators are creating a demand for portable and transportable assay systems based on neutron activation analysis techniques.

Germanium Detectors have historically been hyper-sensitive and hyper-fragile. . .  until now.

By exploiting the benefits of new materials and carefully re-engineering the electronics portion of the HPGe detector capsule, ORTEC has achieved a step up in HPGe detector reliability and robustness, surprisingly with no loss (actually often a gain!) in sensitivity to low energy gamma-rays.

The -HE Option Features
  • Rugged carbon fiber detector capsule endcap, corrosion resistant but with high transmission of low energy gamma-rays.
  • Sealed electronics housing featuring an innovative, replaceable desiccant pack which ensures that the electronics stay 100% dry and indicates when it needs to be replaced.
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    The -HE option is available for all GEM, PROFILE, and GMX series HPGe detectors in PopTop capsules of 76 mm diameter or larger. 

    To order, append “-HE” to the detector model number.

    Example: GEM30P4-76-HE.

    For an additional desiccant pack, order part number 806410.