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High Purity Germanium (HPGe) Radiation Detectors

High Purity Germanium HPGe Radiation Detectors Mobius Carbon Fiber Gamma Gage Integrated Cryocooling ICS X-COOLERSemiconductor based photon radiation detectors have been evolving for over half a century, with ORTEC pioneering commercial availability for a majority of that time. Initial offerings were based around lithium-drifted germanium Ge(Li) and lithium-drifted silicon Si(Li). Ge(Li) was later replaced with more advanced, high purity germanium (HPGe) detectors. ORTEC provides a comprehensive suite of HPGe detector solutions covering an extensive range of energies and for a variety of applications.

Cryogenic cooling is required for germanium semiconductor radiation detectors. In order to support various counting geometries, ORTEC offers a wide range of cooling options ranging from standard LN2 systems, to advanced electro-mechanical cryocoolers such as the ICS™.

These technologies enable ORTEC HPGe radiation detectors to be used world-wide in applications as diverse as nuclear structure physics to the prevention of illicit nuclear materials trafficking at the world's largest ports of commerce.