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Mobile Radiation Detection

Mobile, Transportable Detection SystemsORTEC’s line of gamma and neutron detection instruments are simple to use and designed for nuclear search and emergency response. Whether you need to search for elevated sources of radioactivity or to resolve whether an alarm is the result of cosmic background, radiation emitted from an industrial source, or from special nuclear material, with ORTEC’s top of the line detection systems, you can be certain of a correct answer every time. The most common approach to the detection of RDD or IND devices is through their gamma-ray signatures.

The ORTEC Mobile Radiological Search System (MRSS) has a flexible design that can be deployed in a variety of configurations (from a single Detective-200 to as many as sixteen Detective-200s), and it can be deployed with or without the Li6 Neutron Detector Module or He-3 detection system.

The resolution advantages of HPGe over NaI (approximately 40 times better resolution than NaI) more than offset the difference in crystal size. The Detective-200 HPGe systems from ORTEC offer much greater detection probability, better standoff detection, better detection of shielded or masked sources and much better (lower) false alarm probabilities. This is especially true for searching for SNM threats in an urban environment where backgrounds are constantly changing as the detection system moves.

Due to the modularity of the Detective-200s, they can be deployed as choke point monitors (vehicles or pedestrians), long range standoff detection (long count times for objects more than 100 meters away), mobile search systems, maritime search systems and aerial applications.

Individual Detective-200s can also be removed from the vehicle and used at choke points (such as bridges or tunnels), or as a portal at special events (for vehicles or pedestrians).