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RADEAGLET Lightweight Handheld Radioisotope Identification Device

RADEAGLET Lightweight Handheld Radioisotope Identification Device
  • Combining a 2-inch diameter, high sensitivity crystal with a proven and tested intelligent algorithm, the RADEAGLET can quickly, accurately, and simultaneously detect and identify up to six isotopes, typically in under 30 seconds.
  • Weighing Only 900 grams, the RADEAGLET is the Lightest HH-RIID in the world!
  • The RADEAGLET performs well, even in complex shielded or masked scenarios.
  • ANSI 42.34 compliant, the RADEAGLET offers a user-friendly interface that is intuitive, simple to navigate, provides visually clarity, and utilizes an extensive array of alarms.
  • Incorporating decades of industry expertise in detection and identification algorithms along with advanced hardware, electrical, and software systems, the RADEAGLET is the handheld RIID of choice.
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    RADEAGLET is a state-of-the-art handheld, radioisotope identification device (RIID) delivering superior speed and accuracy.
    Key Customers and Applications

    • First Responders and Emergency Management
    • Customs and Border Protection
    • Security and Military Forces
    • Nuclear Safeguards
    • Environmental Management and Cleanup
    • Nuclear Medicine and Scientific Institutes
    • Scrap Steel and Recycling

    Superior Algorithms for Identifying Multiple Sources, Masked Sources, and Shielded Sources (especially SNM)

    The RADEAGLET employs a new generation isotope ID algorithm that incorporates multiple techniques (template matching, peak search, multi-agent analysis, etc.). Unlike many other competitive RIIDs that only use a template matching approach, the RADEAGLET uses multiple approaches to correctly identify the radionuclides present. Template matching works well under laboratory conditions, but in real world situations where nuclear threat sources may be shielded or masked, the template matching technique frequently misidentifies the hazard.

    Why is the RADEAGLET algorithm so successful? Because each nuclide is found with the best method to find it, delivering unparalleled speed and accuracy for detecting and identifying over 100 nuclides, exceeding ANSI 42.34 requirements.

    Application Centric Approach
    The RADEAGLET algorithm is optimized for multiple real-world applications. Through extensive simulation, validated and refined with real world empirical testing, the RADEAGLET’s performance is tuned and optimized for key isotopes associated with SNM in the nuclear security and safeguards market, NORM and IND for environmental and industrial applications and MED for nuclear medicine.

    No Annual Calibration Required
    Many RIID systems require annual or bi-annual factory calibrations. The ORTEC RADEAGLET does not require calibration/optimization at the factory. The RADEAGLET is supplied with a calibrated and linearized crystal integrated with the Multi-Channel Analyzer. This linearized system can be quickly checked for proper calibration with a Cs-137 source or with K-40 (natural background) and recalibrated by the user (typically in less than 1 minute). This can save several thousand dollars over the life of the product.

    Stabilize On the Natural Background K-40 or with an Embedded Radiation Source
    The RADEAGLET can stabilize on the natural K-40 background, or in situations where natural backgrounds may not be sufficient, an optional embedded source is available. The contribution of the embedded source is automatically substracted, so it will never create a false alarm.

    Extensive Nuclide Library
    The RADEAGLET has over 100 nuclides in the library, and it does not require separate libraries for specific categories of radionuclides. As new nuclides become available, they can be easily added to the library.

    Extremely Rugged
    The RADEAGLET is rated at IP 65 which is superior to most RIIDs. It has passed drop tests, shock tests, and vibration tests.
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    Specifications Common to All Models

    Radiological Performance
    Energy Range/MCA 15 keV to 3 MeV / 2048 channels
    Calibration Source
    Natural background. Optional embedded calibration source. 
    Nuclide Library
    Default Isotopes:
    110mAg, 241Am, 133Ba, 207Bi, 109Cd, 252Cf (requires neutron detection), 57Co, 60Co, 51Cr, 134Cs, 137Cs, 152Eu, 68Ga, 123I, 125I, 131I, 111In, 40K, 54Mn, 99Mo2, 22Na, 237Np, 238Pu, 239Pu, (240Pu, 241Pu as part of compositions) 226Ra, 75Se, 99mTc, 232Th, 201Tl, 233U, 235U, 238U

    Optional Isotopes (contact factory):
    109mAg, 198Au, 135mBa, 140Ba, 213Bi, 116Cd, 58Co, 139Ce, 141Ce, 144Ce, 131Cs, 64Cu, 67Cu, 165Dy, 18F, 59Fe, 67Ga, 68Ge, 166mHo, 124I, 132I, 133I, 194Ir, 42K, 81mKr, 138La, 140La, 173Lu, 174Lu, 176Lu, 177Lu, 177mLu, 56Mn, 24Na, 95Nb, 96Nb, 147Nd, 212Pb, 103Pd, 144Pr, 82Rb, 186Re, 188Re, 106Rh, 103Ru, 106Ru, 153Sm, 113Sn, 82Sr, 89Sr, 90Sr, 132Te, 228Th, 44Ti, 202Tl, 204Tl, 232U, 237U, 187W, 131mXe, 133Xe, 133mXe, 135Xe, 88Y, 90Y, 169Yb, 177Yb, 65Zn, 95Zr
    Nuclide Categories
    Special nuclear material (SNM), Naturally occurring radiation (NORM), Industrial emitter (IND), or Medical source (MED)

    Dimensions 227 mm x 78 mm x 85 mm (8.9” x 3.1” x 3.4”)
    Weight See below
    640 x 480, 89 mm (3.5”) Transflective Color TFT
    Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack
    Operational Run Time
    >10 hours standard operation at room temperature

    Operating Temperature –20 °C to +50 °C (–4 °F to +122 °F )
    Relative Humidity
    10% – 90%, non-condensing
    Protection Rating

    Memory >16 GB (1,000,000 spectra)
    CPU Speed
    1 GHz
    File Formats
    ANSI N42.42, SPE (IAEA)
    USB, WiFi, GPS (optional)

    Operating System Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), MAC OS X Yosemite, Linux (tested for Ubuntu)

    Model Specific Specifications
    Model Detector Type Detector Dimensions PMT GM He3 Resolution @ 662 keV 137Cs at ambient room temp Dose Rate Range Detector µSv/h Dose Rate Range GM, up to Sv/h Nominal Weight lb (g)
    50.8x25.4 mm (2x1 in)
    x x ≤7.2%
    2.00 (910)
    RADEAGLET-2SG-H-GPS NaI(Tl) 50.8x25.4 mm (2x1 in) 1.5” x x ≤7.2% 0.01–200 1 2.05 (930)
  • Ordering Information +

    All models includes carrying case and accessories.
    Model Description
    RADEAGLET-2SG-H Gamma/Neutron Handheld RIID with 2x1 NaI(Tl) detector, GM tube and He-3 detector.
    RADEAGLET-2SG-H-GPS Gamma/Neutron Handheld RIID with 2x1 NaI(Tl) detector, GM tube, He-3 detector and GPS.
    RADEAGLET-2SG-H-GPS-ES Gamma/Neutron Handheld RIID with 2x1 NaI(Tl) detector, GM tube, He-3 detector, GPS and embedded calibration source.