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Hand-Held Radioisotope Identifiers (RIIDs)

Since 2004, ORTEC Detective Family Hand-Held Radioisotope Identifiers (HHRIIDS or RIIDS) have been in the front line of operations to interdict the illicit trafficking of nuclear materials worldwide, ORTEC RIIDS are used everyday by organizations such as:

  • Departments of Homeland Security
  • Departments of Defense
  • National Security Organizations
  • Bomb Disposal Teams
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Customs and Border Control
  • Navy, Army and Air Forces
  • Emergency Management Teams
  • Civil Support Teams
  • Police Departments
  • Nuclear Safeguards Organizations
  • Nuclear Fuel Manufacturers
  • Nuclear Researchers
  • US NNSA second line of defense “Megaports” initiative
  • Transit Authorities
All Detective instruments base their superior performance on cryo-cooled ORTEC HPGe detectors coupled to unique identification algorithms developed from an original Technology Transfer License from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (TL-01754-03 and TL-01753-03), and improved based on actual in-field experience.

NEW! To support an even broader range of HHRIID applications, ORTEC now offers the RADEAGLET-R scintillator technology based HHRIID. One of the fastest, most accurate RIIDs in its class, the RADEAGLET-R can simultaneously detect and identify up to four isotopes, typically in less than 30 seconds, even in complex shielded or masked scenarios.

Hand-Held Radioisotope Identifiers - DetectiveIn the Interdiction of Illicit Nuclear Trafficking you can’t afford to get it wrong; you need an ORTEC Detective. The alternative is unthinkable.