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Single Channel Analyzers

ORTEC 550A Single Channel Analyzer SCATiming, Non-timing, Integral, and Differential

A single channel analyzer (SCA) produces an output logic pulse on the condition that the peak amplitude of its input signal falls within the pulse-height window that is established with two preset threshold levels. ORTEC provides two basic types or classifications of SCAs: non-timing SCAs and timing SCAs. Non-timing SCAs produce an output pulse if the input signal is within the window settings. Timing SCAs produce an output logic signal precisely related in time to the occurrence of the event being measured.

ORTEC offers a range of timing and non-timing SCAs.

Click here to download our introductory guide to the choice of single channel analyzers.

In order to assist you further, you may download a selection guide of tabulated comparative specifications.

Single Channel Analyzer Models

For high count rate applications, fast timing discriminators are recommended.