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9301 Fast Preamplifier

ORTEC 9301 Fast Preamplifier
  • Used with photomultipliers, electron multipliers, etc., in photon or ion counting applications
  • 1.5-ns rise time
  • Voltage gain of 10
  • Output of ±0.7 V into 50 Ω
  • Compact and lightweight

The ORTEC Model 9301 low-noise, fast-rise-time Preamplifier has been designed for use with photomultipliers, electron multipliers, and other detectors employed in photon counting, ion counting, or fast-timing applications. When connected to the detector, the 50-Ω input resistance of the Model 9301 provides a load resistance for the detector output current pulse.
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    In addition to its fast rise time of 1.5 ns, this preamplifier has a voltage gain of 10 and an output impedance of 50 Ω. Because of its compact size and light weight, the Model 9301 is ideal for mounting directly or close to a detector. Consequently, low-level signals, which would otherwise be susceptible to pickup of noise or interference, are boosted to a suitable level for cable connection to the main amplifier. Connection to a power supply is through the 3-m (10-ft) long captive power cable furnished with the Model 9301.

    Model 9301 is fitted with a power cable connector (Amphenol 17-20090) that is compatible with other ORTEC NIM-standard modules.
  • Specifications +

    Input Impedance
    Voltage Gain 10 (±2%) noninverting.
    Rise Time <1.5 ns.
    Input RMS Noise Equivalent <25 µV.
    Output Impedance Typically  50-Ω.
    Output Dynamic Range >±0.7 V into 50 Ω.
    Nonlinearity <±1%.
    Temperature Gain Instability <±0.1%/°C.
    Input Connector Front Panel BNC
    Output Connector Rear Panel BNC.

    Electrical and Mechanical
    Power Required
    +12 V, 30 mA; -12 V, 30 mA.
    Weight Net  0.17 kg (6 oz).   Shipping  0.9 kg (~2.0 lb).
    Dimensions 3.1 x 5.0 x 7.3 cm (1.25 x 2 x 2.875 in.) plus 3-m (10-ft) cable.
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    Model Description
    9301 Preamplifier

    Suggested Cable Accessories
    C-25-1/2 RG-58A/U 50-Ω Cable with two BNC male plugs; 6-in. length
    C-25-12 RG-58A/U 50-Ω Cable with two BNC male plugs; 12-ft length