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428 Radiation Detector Bias Supply

ORTEC 428 Detector Bias Supply
  • For use with silicon surface barrier detectors
  • 0 to ±1 kV
  • Two individually adjustable outputs
  • 1.3 MΩ output impedance
  • Current monitoring capability
  • Precision dials

The ORTEC Model 428 Detector Bias Supply provides bias voltage of either polarity for two semiconductor detectors, and the current in each detector is externally monitored through jacks on the front panel.
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    The outputs are short-circuit proof, with an impedance of approximately 1.3 MΩ, and each has a range from 0 to 1000 V. These outputs are selected independently by 10-turn direct-reading potentiometers. Constant bias voltage is supplied by high-grade circuits with <0.0002% noise and ripple.

    This detector bias supply is compatible with all ORTEC preamplifiers that have provisions for an external detector bias voltage.
  • Specifications +

    Noise and Ripple
    Temperature Instability ≤±0.02%/ °C, 0 to 50°C.
    Line Instability Directly proportional to dc power supply instability (<±0.02% for 105 to 125 V ac when using one of the ORTEC Model 4002 Series Power Supplies).
    Controls and Indicators
    A/B (0-1000 V) Front-panel 10-turn direct-readout potentiometers for bias control.
    POS/OFF/NEG Front-panel switch selects positive or negative outputs for both detectors.
    Current Monitor Front-panel jacks for accommodating external meter in each output circuit.
    A/B SHV connectors on front panel provide short-circuit-proof outputs for each detector; range 0–1000 V; positive or negative polarity for both detectors; impedance ~1.3 MΩ.

    Electrical and Mechanical
    Power Required
    +24 V, 205 mA; –24 V, 205 mA.
    Weight Net  1.82 kg (4.0 lb).   Shipping  3.3 kg (7.25 lb).
    Dimensions NIM-standard double-width module 6.90 X 22.13 cm (2.70 X 8.714 in.) per DOE/ER-0457T.
  • Ordering Information +

    Model Description
    428 Detector Bias Supply
    Optional Cable Accessory
    C-36-12 RG-59A/U 75-Ω Cable with two SHV female plugs, 12-ft length.