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4003 Preamplifier Power Output

ORTEC 4003 Preamplifier Power Output
  • Convenient NIM bin power outlet for 6 preamplifiers
  • Individual filtered outlets ensure low noise
  • Standard 9-pin D connectors deliver +12-V and +24-V power

The Model 4003 Preamplifier Power Output module provides a convenient way to deliver DC power from a NIM bin to preamplifiers when appropriate connectors are not available on other modules installed in the bin.
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    Up to 6 preamplifiers can be accommodated via the standard, 9-pin “D” connectors on this single-width NIM module.

    Low-noise preamplifiers require DC power that is free of interference generated by other modules inserted in the bin. The Model 4003 protects this low-noise capability by filtering the power lines separately at each connector.

    Each preamplifier power plug delivers ±12-V and ±24-V DC power on the pins designated under OUTPUTS. The Model 4003 derives its power from a NIM bin/power supply such as the Models 4001A/4002A,4001A/4002D, 4001C/4002D, 4001C/4002E, 4001M, or 4006.
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    Standard ORTEC preamplifier power plugs (female, 9-pin D connectors), with four located on the front panel and two located on the rear panel. Each pin is separately filtered with the π network. The pins are wired to deliver the assigned voltages as shown.
      Pin Number   DC Voltage  
    No Connection (reserved for +6 V)
    +12 V
    No Connection (reserved for -6 V)
    -24 V
    +24 V
    No Connection
    -12 V
    Power Required The Model 4003 derives its power from a NIM bin power supply, such as the Models 4001A/4002A, 4001A/4002D, 4001C/4002D, 4001C/4002E, 4001M, or 4006.
    Weight Net  0.74 kg (1.6 lb). Shipping  2.1 kg (4.6 lb).
    Dimensions NIM-standard single-width module, 3.43 x 22.13 cm (1.35 x 8.714 in.) per DOE/ER-0457T.
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    Model Description
    4003 Preamp Power Output