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HV Bias/NIM Power Supplies and Bins

ORTEC 660 Dual 5 kV Radiation Detector Bias SupplyORTEC offers two types of power supplies for use with NIM instrumentation: power supplies that provide operating voltages for a detector (more properly called detector bias supplies or “HV” supplies) and power supplies that provide the necessary operating voltages for NIM Modular electronic instruments in the form of a NIM “Bin” with associated power supply.

All ORTEC NIM instrumentation conforms to the May 1990 Revision of the NIM standard (formerly TID 20893 (Rev) and NIM/GPIB). Please refer to DOE/ER-0457T, U.S. NIM committee, May 1990; Standard NIM Instrumentation System, NTIS, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield, Virginia 22161

Click here to download our introductory guide to the choice of HV Bias supplies and NIM Bins.

In order to assist you further, you may download a selection guide with tabulated comparative specifications.

HV Bias/NIM Power Supplies and Bins Models

428 Detector Bias Supply
556 and 556H High Voltage Power Supply
659 5-kV Detector Bias Supply
660 Dual 5-kV Detector Bias Supply
710 Quad 1-kV Bias Supply
4001A/4001C NIM Bins
4002A 96-W Power Supply for NIM Bins
4002D 160-W Power Supply for NIM Bins
4002E BlackMax Power Supply for NIM Bins
4002P Portable Power Supply
4003 Preamplifier Power Output
4006 MiniBin and Power Supply