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ASPEC-927 Dual Input MCB

ASPEC-927 Dual Multichannel Buffer
• Dual fast (1.25-µs) ADC and memory in a single width NIM
• Dual 16k ADCs, compatible with MAESTRO for Windows MCA emulation program 
• Live time corrections including ZDT
• PUR, BUSY, and GATE inputs
• Interfaces via USB-2.0
• True live display of data
• Synchronize this unit with your sample changer or process control
• On board memory allows fast downloads to your PC
• Two inputs in a single wide NIM

The ORTEC Model ASPEC-927 interfaces to a personal computer via the USB-2.0 interface and includes MAESTRO emulation software. Each ASPEC-927 is presented in a single width NIM chassis and includes two independent 16k ADCs, and 512 kb of memory. The successive-approximation 16,384 channel ADCs with 1.25-µs conversion time has selectable conversion gain settings for 8,192, 4,096, 2,048, 1,024, or 512. Dead time corrections can be accomplished using the Gedcke-Hale Extended Live-Time method or the ZDT method.

A single computer subject to the USB-2.0 speed of data transfer can control multiple units using USB-2.0 hubs.
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  • Specifications +

    Successive-Approximation type with sliding scale linearization.
    Maximum Resolution 16k: 16,384 channels, software selectable as 16384, 8192, 4096, 2048, 1024, and 512.
    Dead Time Per Event 2 µs including memory transfer.
    Integral Nonlinearity <+0.025% over the top 99% of the dynamic range.
    Differential Nonlinearity <±1% over the top 99% of the dynamic range.
    Gain Instability <+50 ppm/°C.
    Dead Time Correction Software selectable for extended Live-Time correction according to the Gedcke-Hale method or ZDT Live-Time corrections which monitors the counting rate and adjusts the dead-time for fluctuating counting rates.
    Data Memory 512 kb.
    USB Interface Interfaces to a PC via USB 2.0. Data transfer speed is 480 Mbps maximum.

    Inputs and Outputs
    Accepts positive unipolar, positive gated integrator, or positive leading bipolar analog pulses in the dynamic range from 0 to +10 V; +12 V maximum; semi-Gaussian-shaped time constants from 0.25 to 30 µs, gated-integrator-shaped time constants from 3 to 30 µs, or delay-line-shaped with widths >0.25 µs. Zin = 1 kΩ, dc-coupled. No internal delay, BNC connector.
    ADC Gate Optional TTL input. Computer selectable Coincidence mode, Anti-coincidence mode, or Off. Signal must occur prior to and extend 0.5-µs beyond the peak of the pulse; BNC connector. Zin = 1 kΩ.
    PUR Pile-up rejection input; accepts TTL signal; signal must occur prior to peak detect. Zin = 1 kΩ. BNC connector.
    Busy Busy input used by live-time correction circuits. Accepts TTL signal; signal must occur prior to peak detect. Zin = 1 kΩ. BNC connector.
    Sample Change In 9-pin "D" connector. Zin = 1 kΩ. Input for ADC 1 is pin 1. Input for ADC 2 is pin 5. Ground is pin 9.
    Sample Change Out 9-pin "D" connector. Zout = 1 kΩ. Output for ADC 1 is pin 3. Output for ADC 2 is pin 7. Ground is pin 9.
    USB-2.0 Standard USB connection via a supplied 10-ft. cable.

    ADC1 Indicates activity for ADC-1.
    ADC2 Indicates activity for ADC-2.

    Software Controls (Operates with included MAESTRO.)
    Computer controlled from 0 to 100% full scale.
    ADC ULD Computer controlled from 0 to 100% full scale.

    Real Time/Live Time
    Multiples of 20-ms.
    Region of Interest Peak count/Integral count.
    Data Overflow
    Terminates data collection when any channel exceeds 231–1.
    Peak Uncertainty Stops acquisition when the statistical or counting uncertainty of a user-selected net peak reaches the specified value.
    Nuclide MDA Stops data collection when the value of the Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA) for a user-specified MDA reaches the specified value.
    Live Time Correction Gedcke-Hale, ZDT.
    Gate Coincidence, Anti-Coincidence, Off.

    Electrical and Mechanical
    Power Required +6 V, 250 mA; +12 V, 165 mA; –12 V, 165 mA.
    Weight Net 0.9 kg (2 lb).  Shipping 2.25 kg (5 lb).
    Dimensions NIM-standard single-wide 3.43 x 22.13 cm (1.35 x 8.714 in.) front panel per DOE/ER0457T.
  • Ordering Information +

    Model Description
    ASPEC-927      Dual 16k ADCs in a single wide NIM. Includes MAESTRO and 10-ft. USB interface cable.
    927-OPT1 Female BNC adapter cable for Sample Changer I/O. This option provides cable connections to the Sample Changer inputs and outputs.