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Fast Timing Discriminators

ORTEC 9307 Pico Timing DiscriminatorFast timing discriminators enable the counting of narrow pulses at very high counting rates, and/or precisely marking the arrival time of these same pulses. They are designed to achieve the best time resolution and the highest counting rates by operating on the fast-rising detector signal.

A range of single-channel and multi-channel fast timing discriminators is available from ORTEC, employing both leading edge timing and the more advanced, ORTEC invented constant-fraction timing.

Click here to download our introductory guide to the choice of fast timing discriminators.

In order to assist you further, you may download a selection guide, packed with tabulated comparative specifications.

NIM Fast Timing Discriminator Models:

583B Constant Fraction Differential Discriminator/SCA
584 Constant Fraction Discriminator
9302 Amplifier Discriminator
9307 pico Timing Discriminator
9327 1-GHz Amplifier and Timing Discriminator
CF8000 Octal Constant Fraction Discriminator

For information on the slower timing single-channel analyzers (TSCA), go to Single-Channel Pulse-Height Analyzer (SCA).