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Counters, Timers, Rate Meter and Multichannel Scaling (MCS)

928 with Multichannel Buffer MCB, Analog to Digital Converter ADC, Counter, Timer, RatemeterSingle and Multiple Input, Fast and Slow Logic

ORTEC offers the broadest range of nuclear counters, timers, rate meters and multichannel scalers. Counters simply count the number of input pulses received during the counting period. Timers count pulses generated by an internal or external clock and are used to measure elapsed time, or to establish the length of the counting period. Rate meters provide a readout of the pulse count rate. Multichannel scalers count the number of events that occur during a specified time interval, referred to as the dwell time, resulting in a time-histogram of counts. “Standalone” and programmable computer controlled versions are available.

Click here to download our introductory guide to the choice of counters, timers, rate meters or multi-channel scalers.

In order to assist you further, you may download a selection guide, of tabulated comparative specifications.

Counters, Timers, Rate Meters, and MCS Models