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USBEXT USB Active Extension Cable

With Model USBEXT the USB signals going in and out of the extension cable are buffered to assure signal quality. Both low speed and high speed USB devices will function with the USBEXT. No additional power supply is required (extension cable is powered by USB).
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  • Specifications +

    Cable Length 5 m (16.4 ft)
    Max Current Draw 5 mA at 40°C (typically <3 mA)
    Max. Cable Voltage Drop 0.095 V at 500 mA
    VCC and GDN Wire Size
    20 AWG
    D+ and D– Wire Size
    28 AWG (stranded — twisted pair, 90 Ω characteristic impedence
    Cable Shield
    Aluminized wrap foil with 28 AWG drain wire and copper mesh over foil
    High Speed Mode
    12 Mbs (when used with high-speed peripheral)
    Low Speed Mode
    1.5 Mbs (when used with a low-speed peripheral)
    Operating Temperature Range
    0 to + 85°C
    Storage Temperature Range
    –40 to + 85°C
    Downstream Connector
    Type "A" (female)
    Upstream Connector
    Type "A" (male)
    Operating System Requirements
    USB compatible

    Note:  Limit to 25 m total length for each USB device. For a digiBASE, up to four extenders may be added for a total length of 25 m (82 ft.)
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    Model Description
    USBEXT     USB Active Extension Cable