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USB-CONC CONNECTIONS Distance Extender for ORTEC USB MCA Products

USB-CONC CONNECTIONS Distance Extender for  ORTEC USB MCA Products
  • A simple CONNECTIONS solution to long-distance connection between PCs and ORTEC USB interfaced MCBs such as digiDART, digiBASE, and DSPEC families.
  • Easy implementation of remote networks involving ORTEC MCBs.
  • Enables centralized monitoring of remote MCBs.
  • Extends existing wired or wireless Ethernet ORTEC CONNECTIONS networks to remotely attach USB MCBs to any host PC on the LAN — without distance limitations.
  • Breaks the traditional "five meter USB cable distance barrier," allowing remote users to experience the ease and reliability of USB.
  • No intermediate PC required.
  • One extender connects up to five USB MCBs.
  • Multiple extenders can be used with single or multiple PCs.
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    The USB connection is the fast way to communicate to ORTEC Digital MultiChannel Buffer (MCB) or MultiChannel Analyzer (MCA) products such as the digiDART, digiBASE and DSPEC families. USB is an excellent way to connect instruments to a PC, especially laptops for portable use. However in some cases, it is desirable to connect one or more instruments over large distances, beyond what can be achieved by USB extension cables. USB-CONC is a "USB-to-Ethernet concentrator" which can interface up to 5 ORTEC MCBs to a PC using ethernet hardware and the TCP/IP protocol. Multiple USB-CONC devices can be connected to a single PC or a network of PCs.

    The 5 USB ports of the USB-CONC become local ports on a single computer on the Ethernet. The ORTEC USB drivers operate on the remote USB ports in the same way as the USB ports implemented on the PC. In other words, the application program, such as MAESTRO, and the USB hardware, such as a digiBASE, operate as normal. The USB-to-Ethernet "conversion" is invisible to the software and MCA.

    USB-CONC uses TCP/IP communication between the host computer and the USB concentrator hardware. Only one PC can communicate with the remote MCBs directly; the remaining PCs on the network can access the remote MCBs through the ORTEC CONNECTIONS software. The configuration can be as simple as a PC and USB-CONC connected by an ethernet cable (crossover), or as complicated as a laboratory network.
  • Specifications +

    • Supports data rates up to 12 Mbps for USB device attachments
    • 500 mA downstream power per device
    • Individual port power management
    • USB 1.1 compatible
    • No additional IRQ or memory address requirements
    • Plug-and-play compliant and hot-swappable
    System Requirements Windows 2000 or XP operating on host PC and 1 available Ethernet port
    Power Requirements Includes 5 V dc power supply with input voltage requirement of 120 V ac, 60 Hz or 230 V ac, 50 Hz
    Environmental Requirements    Ambient Temperature: 0–40°C (32–104°F)
    Relative Humidity: 0–95% non-condensing
    Dimensions  1.05 cm L x 2.61 cm H x 18.29 cm W 
    (4.35 in L x 1.03 in H x 7.2 in W)
    Weight 10 oz. (283.49 g)
    Connectors Ethernet: 10BASE-T RJ45 single connection
    USB: 5 (five) USB 1.1 Host Connectors
    Certification and Safety
    • FCC Part 15, Class B
    • CE Certified
    • EN 55022
    • EN 55024
    • EN 60950
    • UL 1950
    • CSA 22.2 No. 950
    • IEC-950
  • Ordering Information +

    Model Description
    USB-CONC-110 110 V/60 Hz CONNECTIONS Distance Extender for ORTEC USB MCA Products
    USB-CONC-220 220 V/50 Hz CONNECTIONS Distance Extender for ORTEC USB MCA Products