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ORTEC 672 Spectroscopy AmplifierThe amplifier is one of the most important components in a pulse processing system for applications in counting, timing, or pulse amplitude (energy) spectroscopy, providing the pulse-shaping controls needed to optimize the performance of the analog electronics.

Different models of amplifiers are available from the broad ORTEC NIM product range to suit different detector types and applications, from energy spectroscopy through counting, timing and fast counting.

Click here to download our introductory guide to the choice of amplifiers.

In order to assist you further, you may download a selection guide, packed with tabulated comparative specifications.

NIM Amplifier Models

  • FTA820A Octal Fast Timing Amplifier
  • 427A Delay Amplifier
  • 460 Delay Line Amplifier
  • 474 Timing Filter Amplifier
  • 533 Dual Sum and Invert Amplifier
  • 570 Amplifier
  • 572A Amplifier
  • 575A Amplifier
  • 579 Fast Filter Amplifier
  • 590A Amplifier and Timing Single Channel Analyzer
  • 671 Spectroscopy Amplifier
  • 672 Spectroscopy Amplifier
  • 673 Spectroscopy Amplifier and Gated Integrator
  • 855 Dual Amplifier
  • 863 Quad Timing Filter Amplifier
  • 925-SCINT ACE-MATE Amplifier, Preamplifier, Bias Supply, and SCA
  • 9302 Amplifier and Discriminator
  • 9309-4 Quad Fast Amplifier
  • 9310-16 Sixteen Channel Fast Amplifier
  • 9327 1-GHz Amplifier and Timing Discriminator