Global Value Productivity Suite for GammaVision

Global Value transforms the standard GammaVision spectroscopy system into a state-of-the-art production environment with Automated Measurement processes, Custom Reporting, Quality Assurance, and Secure Data Management. These functions greatly simplify measurement and data integration processes by predefining measurement details, reducing manual data entry, and eliminating labor intensive document control practices.
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    Getting started with Global Value is quick and easy. The standard automation processes are pre-configured to meet most measurement needs, and Turn-Key operation with data integration to site systems and Subject Matter Expert (SME) training can normally be accomplished within a few weeks on site with our experienced technical staff.

    Why GLOBAL VALUE?  Save Time and Money While Improving Data Quality!

    • Operates in the most common PC Environments – Windows XP,7, and 8
    • Easily Configurable Reports with Custom Calculations, Nuclide Data Filters, and Spectrum Graphics
    • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access
    • Flexible Configuration Architecture for Small Systems or Large-Scale Network Environments
    Process Efficiency
      Preconfigured Automation Scripting for Consistent measurement processes out of the box
    • Electronic Data review and Automated Integration with Data and Document Management Systems
    • Automated Post-Analysis Calculations, Reports, and Analysis Record Queries
    • Secure Remote Data access to analysis and quality control results
    Defendable Results
    • Robust Security Features limit access to sensitive functions and settings
    • Detailed Quality Control Reports, Trending, Warnings, and optional instrument lock-out
    • Analysis Editor Audit Log to track and report post-analysis data modifications
    • Fully Compatible with GammaVision 7 for Analysis Accuracy and Standards Compliance

    A World of New Features in Global Value 7!

    New! 64-Bit Windows 7/8.1 and GammaVision 7 Compatibility
    New! Preconfigured Automation processes for sample and QA measurements
    New! Audit Log to capture measurement modifications in the Analysis Editor
    New! Standardized Data and Document Management System interfacing
    New! Interactive Spectrum Viewer embedded in Sample and QA Administration programs
    New! Configurable menus to launch programs and open files directly from the Quick Start Program
    New! Analysis Editor Filter options based on User-Defined parameter data
    New! Additional reporting parameters including Spectrum Image, all GammaVision nuclide data, and calculated fields
    New! Simplified access to Archived Databases
    New! Improved QA Options with user-defined date ranges, faster chart loads, and Reporting Options
    New! Spectrum Multiplexer with flexible options for spectrum summing in parallel or series acquisition modes
    New! QA Measurement Scheduling with alerts when overdue
    New! Data Management utilities for file system backup and verification

    Measurement Automation – Powerful and Easy
    Gamma Spectroscopy measurements are no longer an intimidating task using Global Value. Simply select a detector and the type of measurement from a simple Windows Explorer style interface, and the automation scripts guide you through the process. These scripts can be pre-configured to minimize data entry errors for the novice or busy multi-tasker by setting nearly all analysis options in advance, or tailored for the more experienced analyst to make more decisions during the measurement process.

    Global Value comes preconfigured with a variety of Quality Assurance and Sample measurement processes that are ready to use out of the box and easily modified to meet individual site needs.

    Key Automation Features:
    • Security to prevent measurements by unauthorized personnel
    • Standardized Data Management System Integration to eliminate data entry errors
    • Spectrum Re-analysis concurrent with data acquisition measurements
    • Automation Scripts based on Templates and Configuration Files simplifies maintenance and multiple detector configurations
    • Configurable Data Entry options accommodating typical sample size calculations, such as air filter volume, dilution, and unit conversions
    • Completely Customizable Data Entry option using Microsoft Excel
    • Software Spectrum Multiplexing (Summing with optional conversion gain adjustment) for Detector Array Configurations while maintaining individual detector performance monitoring
    • Dual spectrum analysis processes for more efficient sample throughput of particulate/iodine air filters and other sample types
    • Dead Time Verification and Acquisition Start Timer controls for improved measurement accuracy and consistency
    • Additional Data Entry Linked to Samples: Sample and Record Types (or document control codes), Site Unit, Batch ID, GDT Pressure, Sample Pump ID, Radiation Work Permits, Radiation Monitor Readings, Unlimited Custom Data Fields and Comments
    • Core Sample Measurement Process Options
      • GVSampleData: Basic sample data entry or customizable Excel interfacing with single sample measurement structure
      • GVSampleDataPlus: Configurable sample size calculations based on sample flow rate or unit conversion with single sample measurement structure
      • GVSampleDataSC: Comprehensive interface for sample data and analysis settings with optional Sample Changer operation and Data Management System interfacing.
    • Quality Assurance (QA) Process Options
      • Basic Instrument QA and Background Measurements
      • Instrument QA with automated Energy and/or Shape Recalibration
      • Instrument QA with automated Gain Stabilization
      • QA Status verification integrated with sample measurement process

    Sample Administration – Accessibility Made Simple

    Managing analysis results can be a daunting task with traditional gamma spectroscopy systems. Hard copy analysis reports are lengthy, often require manual mark-up, and are labor intensive to archive. Nuclide data is also frequently used for additional calculations or manually loaded into data management systems – an error prone and time consuming process.

    Global Value simplifies these processes and eliminates errors through secure electronic data editing/review and seamless integration with data management and document control systems. The productivity gained by automating document management and reducing the time and errors associated with manual data processing pays for Global Value many times over.

    Key Sample Administration Features:
    • Robust security to restrict modification of system configuration parameters or measurement results
    • Electronic Data Editing and Review
      • All report modifications and comments implemented electronically based on security settings
      • User names available to report and query by the original Analyst, Editor, Reviewer, and Publisher
      • Detailed audit log for changes applied during electronic review
      • Filter analysis results by review status or custom parameter settings for validation efficiency
      • Publishing function renders analysis data in various formats (XML, CSV, ASCII Text, and PDF) or transfers data to an unsecured Microsoft Access database to facilitate automated integration with site Document Control and Data Management Systems
      • Publishing function can be automated with electronic review or configured as a separate approval function
      • Integrated Spectrum viewer for detailed peak interrogation
    • Analysis Log queries by all stored analysis and sample data parameters with immediate access to analysis reports
    • Rich Reports with Intuitive Configurable Templates
      • Simple interface requires No Programming Experience
      • Nuclide data calculations such as Dose Equivalent Iodine or Xenon, DAC Fraction, Nuclide Ratios, and Detection Limit evaluation
      • Configurable data table views and evaluation filters for detected and non-detected nuclides
      • Dual analysis results from the same spectrum on a single report
    • Integrated Database Maintenance – No External Database Administration or Licensing, such as Oracle or SQL Server, required
    • Unlimited User-Defined Custom Data Parameters for reporting and system queries for related samples

    Quality Assurance – Complete Confidence

    Instrument performance must be validated on a regular basis to ensure that measurements meet certain quality standards. The performance checks may be dictated by regulations, industry standards, or site procedures. These documents may dictate which parameters to monitor as well as frequency and corrective actions – all of which are easily met using Global Value.

    Quality Assurance is one of Global Value‘s prominent strengths. It offers a flexible configuration to monitor all of the key indicators with controls to ensure that the instrument performance is validated within the prescribed frequency. The data evaluation and reporting capabilities also simplify proof of performance for auditors, routine data review, and integration of data and reports with existing site systems – all in a secure environment.

    Key Quality Assurance Features:
    • Data Evaluation
      • Failure notification through reports, automation launch pad, and integrated with sample measurement processes with optional instrument lockout
      • Historical data evaluation with extensive data access, trend charts, and optional export to Excel with automated statistics
      • Control and Warning limit evaluation for all QA parameters
      • Parameters Monitored:
        • Background Parameters: Count Rate
        • Peak Parameters: Energy Centroid, Channel Centroid, Peak Shape (FHWM), Net Area, Intensity (count rate), Uncertainty, Activity
        • All instrument parameters can be monitored in terms of Percent Difference from a target value
        • Maximum time interval between QA measurements
    • Electronic Data Review
      • User names available to report and query by the original Analyst, Editor, Reviewer, and Publisher
      • Detailed history of changes applied during electronic review
      • Filter analysis results by review status and QA Type
      • Publishing function renders QA data in various formats (XML, CSV, ASCII Text, and PDF) to facilitate automated integration with site Document Control and Data Management Systems
      • Publishing function can be automated with electronic review or configured as a separate approval function
    • Lab Notebook to track corrective action and instrument history with flexible reporting options
    • Integrated Database Management
    • Configurable QA Reports with user-defined corrective action
    • Color-coded QA Summary for snapshot status of all detectors

    System Configuration and Administration

    Global Value is designed to accommodate a broad range of data storage and networking requirements while minimizing the need for system administration programs and Information Technology expertise. This is accomplished through a distributed file and database architecture that works equally well on stand-alone computers or networked systems, and maintenance tools for data backup, validation, and restoration.

    Our expert technical staff is available to establish Turn-Key installations to minimize the implementation time, train administrative personnel, and integrate data and reports with site systems. We recognize that you invest significant time configuring applications, changing procedures, and training personnel when system changes are implemented, and our goal is make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Key System Configuration and Administration Features:
    • Advanced System Architecture allows for server centric configurations, stand-alone computer installations, or distributed file storage in a local area network
    • Fully Integrated Database Management functions
    • Seamless Microsoft Office Integration
      • Excel Add-In supporting worksheet and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) functions to automate post-analysis calculations, custom reports, and custom data processing
      • QA Data export to Excel for advanced statistical evaluation
      • Analysis Data Export to unsecured Microsoft Access database for custom data processing
      • Render Reports directly in Microsoft Word
    • Simplified data integration using standard file formats
      • PDF, XML, CSV, ASCII Text, Microsoft Access and Excel
      • Native integration with GCR’s NuclearIQ data management system
    • Detector Status utility shows color coded acquisition state for all detectors
    • Configurable File Backup utility with automatic deletion of specified files from local computers
    • File Compare utility for verification of critical system files
    • Efficiency Table Converter simplifies generation of calibration source certificates from master source data
    • Spectrum Multiplexer for software spectrum summing in parallel or series acquisition modes
    • Gamma Products Sample Changer operation over serial port communication
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    Model Description
    GlobalValue-BWS Global Value Productivity Suite for GammaVision - Site License for use with networked Database Connections.  Includes 2- days on-site installtion and training (Travel to site is not included)
    GlobalValue-UWS Global Value Productivity Suite for GammaVision - Site License Upgrade for use with Networked Database Connections.  Includes 2- days onsite installation and training (Travel to site is not included). Requires previous Site License model (Global Value, Global Value-BWS or Global Value-UWLS)
    GlobalValue-UWS-SC Global Value Productivity Suite for GammaVision - Site License Upgrade- Service Contract.  Includes 4-days on-site installation and training (travel to site is not included)  REquires previous Site License model within the previous 12 months.
    Global Value Productivity Suite for GammaVision - Single Computer License for use on a single computer with databses stored on the same computer.  No on-site time included.
    GlobalValue-UWL Global Value Productivity Suite for GammaVision - Single Computer License Upgrade for use on a single computer with databases stored on the same computer.  Requires previous version of Global Value-BWL.  No on-site time included
    GlobalValue-UWLS Global Value Productivity Suite for GammaVision - Single Computer to Site License Upgrade for use with Networked Database Connections.  Requires previous version of Global Value-BWL.  No on-site time included.
    GlobalValue-ADD Additional day of installation, customization or training (excludes associated expenses)

    NOTES:  Additional days of Global Value ADD required for Turn Key setup.  Duration is dependent on the extent of system configuration, integration, and training required.