FRAM Plutonium and Uranium Isotopic Analysis

FRAM Advanced Isotopic Ratio Analysis Software for HPGe and CdTe Detector Gamma-Ray Radiation Spectra
  • FRAM analyzes Pu, and a wide variety of heterogeneous samples containing Pu, Am, U, and other nuclides including 242Pu
  • Operates with a single HPGe or CdTe radiation detector
  • No calibration standards necessary
  • Works with shielded samples
  • Select from a large number of supplied sample/geometry conditions or add more types
  • Decay Correction for Isotopic fractions
  • Significant enhancements over previous versions

FRAM analyzes the gamma-ray spectrum taken with a germanium radiation detector, of plutonium-bearing, uranium-bearing, or mixed items and quantifies the distribution of plutonium or uranium isotopes, 241Am, and other transuranic isotopes (including uranium in mixed uranium-plutonium oxides) that contribute measurable gamma rays to the spectrum. These  can also be quantified relative to plutonium. FRAM analyzes spectra from items containing only uranium, and quantifies the uranium isotopic distribution. These measurements are performed on samples of arbitrary size, geometry, and physical and chemical composition.
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    Model Description
    FRAM-BW Version 5.2 Gamma-Ray Isotopic Analysis Software.  Includes MAESTRO MCA Emulation software.           
    FRAM-GW Documentation for FRAM-BW
    Update for FRAM-BW