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AlphaVision Alpha Spectrometry Management

ORTEC Alphavision Alpha Spectroscopy Software
AlphaVision provides the capability for controlling the MCB hardware, collecting alpha particle spectra from solid-state detectors, analyzing the results by one of several methods and generating reports. The results and QA data are stored in databases for ease of integration with other software. Extensive menus are provided for performing all acquisition and analysis functions, such as control of acquisition, setting of analysis parameters, calibration, and library editing. Graphical display of individual detector status, along with logical grouping of the detectors in the system, results in an interface that provides the online status of up to 128 alpha detectors. AlphaVision includes features for managing virtually all alpha spectrometry projects, covering each of the necessary steps and providing features that will enhance your results.
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    AlphaVision is a comprehensive PC-based alpha spectrometry application that combines rich features and intuitive processes to meet the demands of modern Radiochemistry Laboratories.

    In large scale commercial laboratories with hundreds of alpha detectors or small labs with only a few detectors, AlphaVision is your solution to optimize routine measurement processes and monitor system performance.

    • Windows 10 Compatible.
    • Microsoft Access Database with Data Management tools and LIMS integration capability.
    • Crystal Reports integration for Rich Standard Reports and Custom Report capability.
    • Extensive Analysis capability to accommodate a wide variety of Radiochemistry processes.

    Process Efficiency
    • Batch Configuration process with LIMS integration to maximize throughput and minimize errors.
    • Intuitive Sample Management including Query tools to quickly locate Batches and Samples.
    • Rapid Data Review and Analysis modification process.
    • Integrated Hardware control for up to 256 detectors in a common interface.

    Defendable Results
    • Security controls to limit user access to authorized functions.
    • Compliance with Industry Standards such as ANSI N13.30 and N42.23.
    • Comprehensive Quality Control features.
    • Historical Analysis retention when re-analyzing samples.
    • Detailed Event Logging for routine operations, warnings, and errors.

    Now Introducing AlphaVision 7.0!
    New!  64-Bit Windows 10 Compatibility.
    New!  Alpha Mega now supported in the Instrument Group Control.
    New!  Automatic Spectrum Export on Completion of Calibration Measurements.
    New!  Simple Spectrum Export from any spectrum window.
    New!  Notification of Communication Interruption on the Instrument Group Control.

    • Energy and Efficiency Calibration
    • Automated and Interactive Peak Fit
    • Traceable Historical Calibration Records
    • Active/Deactivate Calibrations
    • Customizable Calibration Report
    • Unlimited Calibration Standards

    Batch Automation

    • Analysis Templates for Consistent Processes
    • LIMS Integration Capability
    • Extensive Analysis Options for Peak Fit, Activity Calculations including Tracer and Dilution Schemes, and Detection Limits
    • Custom Reports with Crystal Reports 11.5
    • True “Count to MDA” Presets
    • Interactive Review/Reanalysis

    Hardware Control

    • Rapid Detector “Group” Operations
    • Integrated Instrument Control Based on Instrument Type
    • Detector Status Indicators “at a glance”
    • Automated Instrument Setup
    • Configurable Detector Grid

    Quality Assurance

    • ANSI N42.23 and ANSI N13.30 Compliant
    • Automated Control Charts and Reports
    • Warning/Alarm Limit Calculations
    • Monitoring Parameters: 
      • Detector Background (Total and Isotopic)
      • Calibration Energy and Efficiency
      • Pulser Centroid and Width
      • Detector Bias and Chamber Pressure
      • Reagent Blank Nuclide Activity
      • Control Sample Nuclide Activity
      • Tracer Peak Width
      • Chemical Recovery

    Supported Hardware
    ORTEC Alpha Suite integrated spectrometers (Alpha Aria, Duo, Ensemble, and Mega) are recommended in order to take advantage of the software controlled operations and Windows 10 64-bit USB connectivity.

    Legacy instrumentation compatible with ORTEC CONNECTIONS such as ORTEC OCTÊTE-PC, OCTÊTE-Plus, 576A, Soloist, 920 series, and Oxford OASIS, as well as the ORTEC 676 Alpha King, Tennelec TC-256, and Canberra 7401/7404 models which are supported through ORTEC MCBs may be available through networked connection to computers running compatible Operating Systems or using the DPM-USB for native Windows 10 compatibility if supported. Contact your local ORTEC representative for questions related to legacy instrument compatibility.

    Analysis Methodology
    • Peak Search/Fit Methods:  Second Derivative (Mariscotti), Top Hat Correlation, Peak Interference Correction, ROI (Regions of Interest) including automatic shift of ROIs based on the Tracer Peak, Best Peak, or All Peak positions, and Interactive ROI Adjustment to optimize peak fit during reanalysis.
    • Nuclide Activity Calculations:  Absolute (no Tracer), Tracer Recovery Correction, Chemical Recovery Correction (Automatic and Manual), Background Subtraction, Blank Subtraction, Total Propagated Uncertainty.
    • MDA Methods:  KTA, Currie, ANSI N13.30, (corrections such as dilution scaling, tracer and chemical recovery, etc. included).
    • Presets:  Real and Live Time, Tracer Peak Area, MDA.

    System Management

    • Select, Archive, and Compact Database.
    • Search Samples by Batch/Sample ID or Batch Tree Navigation.
    • Event Log captures process information, warnings, and errors.
    • Purge Data.
    • Security:
      • Configuration – Save Batch Template, Edit Sample Properties and Client Info, Edit Master Nuclide Library, Nuclide Libraries, Standards, Tracers, and ROIs.
      • Detector Management – Add, Remove, Configure, Move, Edit Properties, Calibrate, Edit Chamber Pressure and Leakage Current Thresholds.
      • Quality Assurance – Edit QA Types and Limits.
      • System – View and Clear Event Log, Edit Batch Tree, Edit Users and Security Levels.
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    Model Description
    A36-BW AlphaVision Alpha Spectrometry Management Software for Windows. Includes standalone or first network copy and binary use license.
    A36-BVW AlphaVision Software (A36-BW) with V&V Test Results and Certificate of Validation (A36-VW)
    Single Use Network Copy. Requires current version of AlphaVision. Example: For a three station network, order one copy of A36-BW and two copies of A36-NW.           
    Update from A36-B32, A36-BW, or A36-NW to latest version of AlphaVision.
    A36-UVW   AlphaVision Software Update (A36-UW) with V&V Test Results and Certificate of Validation (A36-VW)
    A36-GW Additional Hard Copy Documentation for AlphaVision
    A36-VW AlphaVision V&V Test Results and Certificate of Validation