AlphaVision Alpha Spectrometry Management

Alphavision AlphaVision provides the capability for controlling the MCB hardware, collecting alpha particle spectra from solid-state detectors, analyzing the results by one of several methods and generating reports. The results and QA data are stored in databases for ease of integration with other software. Extensive menus are provided for performing all acquisition and analysis functions, such as control of acquisition, setting of analysis parameters, calibration, and library editing. Graphical display of individual Detector status, along with logical grouping of the Detectors in the system, results in an interface that provides the online status of up to 128 alpha Detectors. AlphaVision includes features for managing virtually all alpha spectrometry projects, covering each of the necessary steps and providing features that will enhance your results.
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    Model Description
    A36-BW AlphaVision Alpha Sectrometry Management Software for Windows.  Includes standalone or first network copy and binary use license.
    A36-BVW AlphaVision Software (A36-BW) with V&V Test Results and Certificate of Validation (A36-VW)
    Single Use Network Copy. Requires current vertion of AlphaVision.  Examply: For a three-station network, order one copy of A36-BW and two copies of A36.NW
    Update from A36-B32, A36-BW, or A36-NW to latest version of AlphaVision.
    A36-UVW   AlphaVision Software Update (A36-UW) with V&V Test Results and Certificate of Validation (A36-VW)
    A36-GW Additional Hard Copy Documnetaiton for AlphaVision
    A36-VW AlphaVision V&V Test, Results and Certificate of Validation