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CONNECTIONS Programmer's Toolkit

CONNECTIONS Programmer's Toolkit A11
The CONNECTIONS Programmer’s Toolkit provides interface modules and instructions to easily control ORTEC hardware instrumentation from your own custom Windows applications. These modules are native components of the CONNECTIONS communication layer used with all standard ORTEC applications, such as MAESTRO and GammaVision, and allow control of instrumentation connected to the local computer as well as stand-alone network devices and those connected to other networked computers – all through a common programming interface!
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    • Integrated Control of ORTEC CONNECTIONS Instruments in Custom Applications
    • Access to all Instrument Commands, Properties, and Measurement Data
    • ActiveX and Traditional DLL Application Interfaces
    • Royalty Free Distribution License
    • Built-In Support for Local and Networked Instruments
    • Ready-To-Run Example Projects in Modern Development Environments
    • Extensive Programming Documentation
    • 64-Bit Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 Compatibility
    • Ready-to-Run Projects for LabView 2013 and C# 2013
    • “List Mode” Data Acquisition Examples
    • Documentation for Programming in C#, VB.Net, LabView, C++, Visual Basic 6, and MATLAB!

    The toolkit includes ActiveX Controls to simplify coding in supported software development environments and a standard Dynamically Linked Library (DLL) Application Interface which can be used in both modern and legacy development environments. Example projects for both interfaces are available in different programming languages to demonstrate operations such as instrument connections, properties, and control with data collection in PHA and List Mode, as well as error handling. Automatic hardware configuration is also included with a program that searches for local and networked instrumentation that are compatible with CONNECTIONS.

    Once you get your application developed you are ready for business with royalty-free distribution of the run time components for programs written to support operation of ORTEC hardware!

    Supported Hardware

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    Model Description
    A11-BW CONNECTIONS Programmer’s Toolkit. Includes Documentation and Binary Use License.
    A11-UW Update from A11-B32 or A11-BW to latest version
    A11-GW Additional Hardcopy Documentation for A11-BW