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Application Software

Application software is a key element of a premium measurement system. Applying this software approach to a broad range of radiation detector hardware and data acquisition systems, ORTEC software offers comprehensive nuclear measurement solutions that provide integrated hardware control, analysis, and display in a single, easy-to-use package.

Application Model Description
MCA Emulation A65-BW MAESTRO Multichannel Analyzer Emulation
A65MP-BW MAESTRO-PRO Advanced Spectroscopy Multichannel Analyzer Emulation
Counting Laboratory
and Health Physics
A66-BW   GammaVision Gamma Spectroscopy
A44-BW GammaVision Report Writer
GlobalValue-BWS Productivity Suite for GammaVision
A36-BW AlphaVision Alpha Spectrometry Management
ANGLE-BW Advanced Gamma Spectroscopy Efficiency Calibration
C53-BW Nuclide Navigator Pro Chart of the Nuclides Database
RENP-BW Renaissance Whole Body Counting
A49-B32 DataMaster Spectrum File Format Translator
Waste Assay
ISOPLUS-BW ISOTOPIC Gamma Spectrometry Waste Assay Measurement
Nuclear Safeguards
MGA-B32 MGA++ Gamma Ray Isotopic Ratio Actinide Analysis
FRAM-BW Plutonium and Uranium Isotopic Analysis
Developer Support
A11-BW CONNECTIONS Programmer's Toolkit