Si Charged Particle Radiation Detector Accessories

807 Vacuum Chamber
  • For routine alpha/beta counting
  • Convenient and durable
  • Sample-to-detector distance easily set and measured
  • Can be used for beta-gamma coincidence measurements
  • Single valve for pumping and venting
807 Vacuum Chamber

808 Vacuum Chamber
  • For quick and convenient measurement of environmental samples with charged-particle detectors
  • Superior design and construction
  • Accommodates extra large samples
  • Easily adjustable and repeatable sample-detector geometry
  • Low-background sample holders
  • Compatible with any ORTEC charged-particle detector equipped with a Microdot® connector
  • Front-opening hinged door
  • Three-way, high-quality, "Pump", "Hold", and "Vent" vacuum valve
  • Compatible with the ORTEC ALPHA-PPS-115 (or -230) Portable Pumping Station
808 Vacuum Chamber

Am-1 Ultra-Thin Window Alpha Radiation Source
    Isotopically pure 241Am of 0.1-µCi nominal activity is electrodeposited on platinum and is calibrated to within 1% of the absolute disintegration rate. The energy spectrum from 241Am contains alphas of 5.486 MeV (85%), 5.443 MeV (12.8%), and others <2% each.
    This source is identical to the one described above, except that it has not been calibrated.

ALPHA-PPS Portable Pump Station
  • User selectable for fast/slow pumping
  • Three gas ballasting modes
  • Oil anti-suckback valve
  • Capacity to pump down two cabinets of spectrometers
  • Antibackstreaming oil trap
  • New exhaust mist eliminator
  • Vacuum gauge and thermocouple
  • No assembly required
  • High performance at an economical price
  • Pumping station for all ORTEC alpha spectrometers
  • Adaptable to other manufacturer's alpha modules
  • Interfaces with multiport manifolds
  • Adaptable to 807 or 808 Vacuum Chambers
  • Pump selectable for 115 and 230 volts
  • Cart-mounted, for flexibility
  • Fold-down handle for convenient storage
ALPHA-PPS Portable Vacuum Pump Station

ALPHA-MINI-PPS Portable Pump Station
  • Miniature vacuum pump station with power supply. 
  • Includes 6 inch and 3 foot vacuum hoses.
ALPHA-MINI-PPS Portable Vacuum Pump with Power Supply

576-VM Vacuum Manifold and Control
  • For convenient use of up to four Model 576(A) Dual Alpha Spectrometers with a single pump
  • Screw-type vacuum valves for fine adjustment of pumping speed
576-VM Vacuum Manifold and Control for 576A

RCAP-2 Ion Recoil Contamination Avoidance Package (for Alpha Spectrometers)
  • Battery-biased sample holder
  • Electronically-controlled pressure regulator
  • Reliable and easy to operate
RCAP-2 Ion Recoil Contamination Avoidance Package for Alpha Spectrometer