Micro-trans-SPEC Portable UF6 Cylinder Verification System

Micro-trans-SPEC Portable UF6 Cylinder Verification System 1For the UF6 cylinder verification application, the Micro-trans-SPEC is supplied with a reinforced structural frame and a custom-designed tungsten collimator,which may be removed if not required.

The UF6 software application is based on the classical enrichment meter method and executes on the Micro-trans-SPEC without the need for the inspector to carry an extra computer.

The user interface is similar to the Micro-trans-SPEC basic GUI software and uses identical methods for such tasks as hardware setup and storage of spectra and display. In addition, many of the data entry fields are stored in a configuration file that may be created and edited on a 32-bit Windows 7 or Windows XP computer and subsequently copied to the built-in data processor using Windows Mobile Device Center or Microsoft ActiveSync.

The basic operation of the software is an automated sequential process of the following tasks:
  • Acquire spectral data
  • Store the data
  • Analyze the data
  • Report results to file and screen
Program operation is designed so that a minimal amount of information is required to acquire, store, analyze and report a finding.

Uranium enrichment is determined by a variation of the “classic”infinite thickness method. Originally the method was developed for use with NaI(Tl) detectors and suffered from potential spectral interference. Because an HPGe detector is used, the area of the 186 keV gamma-ray peak can be derived by a method less susceptible to interference from nearby peaks.
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    Model Description
    MICRO-UF6-PKG-1 Micro-trans-SPEC based Portable UF6 Cylinder Verification System. Includes Micro-trans-SPEC with reinforced structural frame, removable graded tungsten collimator, wheeled waterproof transport case, and UF6 software.