Fission Meter Portable Neutron Source Identification System

  • Fission Meter Portable Neutron Source Identification System“Proof Positive” identification of fission neutron sources, through multiplicity analysis.
  • Ultra-low level false positive and negative rates, even in the presence of high neutron background.
  • Immune to cosmic background fluctuations.
  • Highest sensitivity in a portable package.
  • Easy to operate

The ORTEC Fission Meter aids the interdiction of illicit trafficking by augmentation of gamma-ray identification with a neutron detector of very high sensitivity which, in addition, can specifically identify fission neutron sources by the inherent characteristics of the decay process.

Circumstances arise where reliance on a gamma-ray detector alone comes into question; the package may be large enough to contain significant shielding, or the gamma-ray background may be seen to drop when measuring a particular package-indicating heavy shielding. The hand-held identifier’s neutron detector may show an elevated neutron count rate, or the gamma-ray spectrum may “see” evidence of gamma-rays from neutron reactions.

The Fission Meter is an easy-to-use, portable neutron detection system designed to locate illicitly trafficked special nuclear materials (SNM), particularly shielded sources. It combines software developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with two panels of moderated He-3 neutron detectors, enabling you to collect and communicate crucial data about suspicious neutron sources to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Emergency Operations Center.