Cables and Accessories

  • Blank NIM Modules - Models 400A, 400B, and 400C +

    ORTEC offers blank modules in three standard NIM widths, single-width (400A), double-width (400B) and triple-width (400C), to provide the experimenter with the option of packaging special-purpose electronics in a standard configuration. Blank modules are shipped fully assembled and each one is provided with 10 connector pins that are prewired with 25.4 cm (10 in) leads for easy integration with the experimenter's electronics. ORTEC 400A 400B 400C Blank NIM Modules
  • Blank NIM Panels - Models 400-1B, 400-2B, and 400-3B +

    ORTEC offers blank panels in three standard NIM widths, single-width (400-1B), double-width (400-2B) and triple-width (400-3B).  ORTEC 400-1B 400-2B 400-3B Blank NIM Panels 
  • Magnetic Shield - Model 218 +

    Magnetic shields are recommended for use with photomultiplier tubes to reduce the interference from either the earth's magnetic field or from stray magnetic fields from other equipment. The model 218 is for use with 2 inch diameter photomultiplier tubes and the ORTEC model 265 Tube Base. The model 218 is nominally 12.7 cm (5 in) long and 7.6 cm (3 in) maximum outside diameter. ORTEC Model 218 Magnetic Shield for for Model 265A Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Base 
  • Signal Splitter - Model MT050 +

    One input provides two equal half-amplitude outputs and still preserves 50-Ω termnation; reflection, typically 10% (dc to over 500-MHz equivalent bandwidth); rise time, 1 ns; continuous input power, 1 W. ORTEC MT050 Matched Tee Signal Splitter
  • Dual-Port Memory to USB Converter - Model DPM-USB +

    DPM-USB ORTEC Dual Port Memory to USB Converter• Simple Install – Connect the cable and update the drivers!
    • No external cable required – powered from the USB.
    • USB 2.0 Compatible.

    Since the inception of the personal computer, ORTEC has provided MCBs which couple to the PC via a flat ribbon cable to an ISA card in the computer. The ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) Bus is now almost completely extinct. Today’s modern PCs often do not have option slots of any type, but all have USB ports. An enhancement to the CONNECTIONS product family, the DPM-USB interface provides a means to convert the ORTEC Dual-Port Memory (DPM) communication to USB. 

    For ORTEC MCA owners the conversion from the ORTEC DPM to USB preserves their hardware investment and allows PC upgrades. The model DPM-UPGRADE-USB includes the hardware for the USB connection and the driver update for the software. The upgrade provided with the model DPM-UPGRADE-USB will also update drivers for any user-developed programs written using the CONNECTIONS Programmer’s Toolkit (Model A11-BW).

    The model DPM-USB connects directly to the 37-pin D-connector on the rear panel of ORTEC MCA hardware (NIM and non-NIM) and to the USB port of a PC. The Model DPM-USB is fully compatible with USB 2.0 and operates at a maximum data transfer rate of 12-Mb/second.

    The DPM-USB interface converter adapts any of the below listed ORTEC MCB instruments to a PC with an available USB port. Installing the model DPM-USB is accomplished by simply plugging in the connectors. Be sure to install the software and any upgrades before connecting this interface.

    Compatible ORTEC models: 919, 920E, 92X, 92X-P (NOMAD), 919E, 921, 92X-II, NOMAD-Plus, 920-8, 921E, DSPec, OCTETE-PC, 920-16, and 926.

    For remote operation, ORTEC offers the model USB-CONC-110 or model USB-CONC-220. These units will interface USB connections to the Ethernet using TCPIP protocols. The USB-CONC-110 or USB-CONC-220 provides connections for up to 5-each USB devices.

    Input/Output: Female 37-pin D-connector with captive 5 meter (15-ft.) USB cable.
    Power Required: Provided by the USB connection.
    Dimensions: 2.75-in. (7-cm) W, 2.75-in. (7-cm) D, and 0.75-in (1.9-cm) H 37-pin D-connector with captive 5-m USB cable.
    Net Weight: 1-lb. (0.45-kg), shipping weight 5-lb. (2.27-kg).

    Ordering Information
    Model  Description 
    DPM-USB Dual-Port Memory to USB Interface Converter
    DPM-M32-USB DPM-USB with MAESTRO software
    C-USB-HUB-4B 4-port powered USB hub
    C-USB-HUB-7B 7-port powered USB hub
    USB-CONC-110 5-port USB to Ethernet converter – 110V/60Hz
    USB-CONC-220 5-port USB to Ethernet converter – 220V/50Hz
  • Cables Assemblies and Bulk Cable +

    C-18-0 Microdot to 100-Ω miniature cable with two Microdot male plugs, 5 cm (2-in) length
    C-18-2 Microdot to 100-Ω miniature cable with two Microdot male plugs, 0.61 m (2-ft) length
    C-19-2 Microdot to 100-Ω miniature cable with one BNC male plug and one Microdot male plug, 0.61 m (2-ft) length

    C-21 Microdot 293-3913 miniature 100-Ω cable, specify length

    BNC Plug – RG-62A/U (93 Ω) – BNC Plug.
    C-24-1/2 15 cm, 6-in. length
    C-24-1 30 cm, 1-ft length
    C-24-2 0.61 m, 2-ft length
    C-24-4 1.2 m, 4-ft length
    C-24-8 2.4 m, 8-ft length
    C-24-12 3.7 m, 12-ft length 
    BNC Plug – RG-58A/U (50 Ω) – BNC Plug.
    C-25-1 30 cm, 1-ft length
    C-25-2 0.61 m, 2-ft length
    C-25-4 1.2 m, 4-ft length
    C-25-8 2.4 m, 8-ft length
    C-25-12 3.7 m, 12-ft length 

    C-34-12  RG-59A/U 75-Ω Cable with one SHV female plug and one MHV male plug, 3.7-m (12-ft) length. 
    C-36-2  RG-59A/U 75-Ω Cable with two SHV female plugs, 0.61-m (2-ft) length
    C-36-12  RG-59A/U 75-Ω Cable with two SHV female plugs, 3.7-m (12-ft) length.
    C-75  RS-232-C Null Modem Cable, female-to-female, 3-m length.
    C-80  RS-232-C Extension Cable, male-to-female, 3-m length.
    401-C3  Module Extender Cable, 0.91-m (3-ft) length.
    C-VT120  Power Cable Assembly for VT120A/B/C, 3-m length.
    121-C1  Preamplifier Power Cable Extender 3-m (10-ft) length. M-F 9-pin D connectors. 
    4002P-C1  Preamp Power Fan-Out Cable.
    C-488-2 IEEE-488 Interface Cable, 2-m length.
    C-488-4  IEEE-488 Interface Cable, 4-m length. 
    PRN-C-2  Printer Port Cable, male to female, 25 conductor; 0.61-m (2-ft) length.
    PRN-C-10  Printer Port Cable, male to female, 25 conductor; 3-m (10-ft) length. 
    LL174 Signal Cables  RG-174 50-Ω Cable with two LEMO male plugs.
    LL174-0   0.1-m length
    LL174-1   0.25-m length
    LL174-2   0.5-m length
    LL174-3   1-m length
    LL174-4   2-m length 
    SMA58  RG-58A/U (50-Ω) Coaxial Cable, with SMA Connectors
    SMA58-0.15 0.15-m length
    SMA58-0.5 0.5-m length
    SMA58-1.5 1.5-m length 
  • Custom Cable Assemblies +

    The following custom-built cables can be ordered by specifying the desired length in feet in place of an X in the model number. For example, to order a 25-ft. long C-18-X-S Cable, specify C-18-25-S on the order. (1m = 3.28 ft.)

    C-18-X-S  Microdot 100-Ω Miniature Cable with two Microdot male plugs. 
    C-19-X-S  Microdot 100-Ω Miniature Cable with one Microdot male plug and one BNC male plug.
    C-24-X-S  RG-62A/U 93-Ω Cable with two BNC male plugs.
    C-25-X-S  RG-58A/U 50-Ω Cable with two BNC male plugs.
    C-34-X-S  RG-59A/U 75-Ω Cable with one SHV female plug and one MHV male plug.
    C-36-X-S RG-59A/U 75-Ω Cable with two SHV female plugs.
    C-43-X-S   RG-59A/U 75-Ω Cable with one SHV female plug and one open end.
    C-45-X-S RG-62A/U 93-Ω Cable with one SHV female plug and one BNC male plug; mates Model 807 Vacuum Chamber to Models 142AH, 142IH, and 142PC Preamplifiers.
    121-C1-X-S Preamplifier Power Cable Extender.
    401-C3-X-S    Module Extender Cable.
  • Terminators +

    TF50  Feedthrough terminator, 50 Ω, BNC. Provides 50-Ω (±2%) 1-W feedthrough termination of 50-Ω cable at high-impedance inputs.

    SMA50  Terminator, 50 Ω, SMA (male).

    T50  Terminator, 50 Ω, BNC. Provides a high-quality 50-Ω (±1%) 1/2-W termination.

    C-27  Terminator, 100 Ω, BNC male plug.
    C-28  Terminator, 50 Ω, BNC male plug.
    LT050  Terminator, 50 Ω, LEMO.

  • Adapters +

    ORTEC C-16 Microdot to BNC Adapter
    Male Microdot to Female BNC 
    ORTEC C-17 BNC to Microdot Adapter
    Male BNC to Female Microdot

    BNC Tee Connector

    Female Microdot to Female Microdot
    ORTEC C-31 Male BNC to Male Microdot Connector
    Male BNC to Male Microdot
    ORTEC C-46 SHV Tee Connector
    SHV Tee Connector
    ORTEC C-62 Female BNC to Female BNC Connector
    Female BNC to Female BNC
    ORTEC C-63 Male SHV to Male SHV connector
    Male SHV to Male SHV

    Male BNC to Female LEMO

    Male BNC to Female SMA

    Pulse Inverting Transformer for use in a 50-Ω system. Has low distortion, good linearity, freedom from overload effects, 0.8 ns rise time capability, and 7% tilt in 100 ns.

    Male LEMO to Female BNC

    Male SMA to Female BNC
    ORTEC TA050 LEMO Tee Adapter
    LEMO Tee Adapter
  • Bulkhead Mounted Jacks +

     BNC to Microdot Vacuum Feedthrough with Female BNC and Male Microdot 

     SHV Male Bulkhead Jack
  • Plugs +

    C-22 Microdot Male Plug for Miniature 100-Ω Cable 

     SHV Female Plug
  • Tools +

     Assembly Tool for C-21 and C-22 Microdot T32-11