Renaissance Whole Body Counting

Renaissance Whole Body Radiation CountingRenaissance is a comprehensive gamma spectroscopy solution for internal contamination monitoring using High and Low Resolution detectors (High Purity Germanium and Sodium Iodide) in a broad spectrum of rapid screening, detailed investigation, and fit for purpose measurement systems. It is easily configured for single or multiple detector measurements using fixed position or automated scanning systems, such as Standup, Chair, and Bed counters. And with secured system configuration, Quality Control, customized reporting capability, and an intuitive interface for routine operations and measurements, you can be confident in the quality of your personnel monitoring program!
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    Model Description
    RENP-BW Renaissance Whole Body Counting Software. Includes standalone or first network copy and binary use license.
    RENP-NW Renaissance Whole Body Counting Software.  Single Use Network Copy.  Example: For a three-station network, order one copy of RENP-BW and two copies of RENP-NW
    Update from REMP-B32, RENP-BW or RENP-NW to latest version of Renaissance.
    Additional Hard Copy Documentation for Renaissance.