Nuclide Navigator Chart of the Nuclides Database

Nuclide Navigator is an interactive program to view, search, and extract gamma-ray, alpha-ray, and beta-ray energies and yields, half-lives, parent/daughter relations, and neutron absorptions from databases. Several different “Master libraries” are included. It can also be used to build application libraries or working libraries in the GammaVision format or the Microsoft Access format. The GammaVision format is used by GammaVision, MAESTRO, AlphaVision, and Renaissance software. The Access format libraries are easily used in Visual Basic or user-written programs.
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    Model Description
    C53-B32 NuclideNavigatorIII Master Library
    C53-CD32 NuclideNavigator III for 5 additional users (non-educational)
    C53-CD32-K Upgrade from B53-CD to C53-CD32
    Upgrade from C53-CD to C53-CD32
    C53-ED32 NuclideNavigator III for 5 additional users (Educational Inst. Only)
    C53-ED32-K Upgrade from B53-ED to C53-ED32
    C53-ED32-M Upgrade from C53-ED to C53-ED32
    C53-FR LARA, une creation du CEA, est une option additionelle.  Requires previous or accompanying purchase of C53-B32.
    C53-G32 Documentation for C53-B32
    C53-K32 Upgrade from A53-BI to C53-B32
    C53-L32 Upgrade from B53-BI to C53-B32
    Upgrade from C53-BI to C53-B32